A good quality yoga mat is a total game-changer in yoga practice. While yoga requires little equipment, investing in the best yoga mat makes all the difference in your poses and how you feel after practicing. Cheap and low-quality yoga mats tear up and stretch and can make the experience less enjoyable.

Not to worry, though. After extensive research and testing dozens of yoga mats, we have concluded that the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat is ideal for many. We’ve also discovered the most supportive and comfortable yoga mats that will get you practicing and holding more positions. Forget about slipping as we show you the best picks for home use, studio yoga, budget options, and even the best yoga mat that folds nicely for travel.

Top Yoga Mats Reviewed

Best Yoga Mats 2022

The Alo Yoga Warrior mat is one of the grippiest mats available for those sweaty yoga practices. It is also great for tall people, measuring 6.2 ft x 2.2 ft. Its 5mm thickness makes it comfortable and well-cushioned for joint support. As such, you will not end up with wrist fatigue. 

Alo Yoga Warrior mat has a 100% rubber base that grips the floor. It is stable and will never slide around. Additionally, it’s made of polyurethane leather, which feels great to the touch and is easy to clean. It also has anti-odor properties, so you’ll never deal with a smelly yoga mat.

The shortfall for the Alo Yoga Warrior is that it’s not for those with latex allergies. In addition, it’s a bit heavy, so it’s best for leaving at the studio or for home use. Nonetheless, caring for this mat is easy as you only need to wipe its top side using a microfiber cloth using warm water, vinegar, and oil-free soap. Yogis love it, and you, too, will like its style for improved performance.

Lululemon is a yoga-inspired brand that produces everything fitness-related. The Lululemon Reversible mat 3mm has a construction made from natural rubber and polyurethane. As the name suggests, you can use either side of this yoga mat.

The mat is very grippy and handy in a sweat-filled vigorous flow. Its top polyurethane side has a good sleek design, exceptional moisture absorption, and is super comfortable to use. on the other side, the natural rubber is soft and spongy, providing extra cushioning when you need more support and comfort.

Standing at 3.9 pounds and a thickness of 3mm, the Lululemon Reversible is easier to carry than its competitors since it rolls compactly.

While we like most of its features, the rubber base is not ideal for those with latex allergies. In addition, rubber picks up dirt and dust easily, which can be hard to clean. The Lululemon Reversible 3mm ticks all the right boxes, including stability, grip, cushion, comfort, and easy care for the polyurethane side. It supports all poses, so if you’re in the downward-facing dog, you can rest assured that it will grip your hands and prevent slippage.

Want to commit to a daily Asana practice? The Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat is among the best and most recommended mats by yoga teachers and yogis. It’s made with recyclable, biodegradable materials and is safe for those with latex and rubber allergies.

Being the PROlite version, this yoga mat weighs only 4 pounds and has a thickness of 4.7mm. Hence, it’s easy to carry to and from your home to the studio.

The Manduka PROLite is made up of non-absorbent material, which prevents mold and bacteria from building on it. The upside of this is that it makes it easy to clean it, and sweat doesn’t stick to it. The downside is that it’s not suitable for hot or sweaty yoga sessions as it tends to be slippery.

To use this during these sweaty sessions, pair it with grip gel or a grip towel to help with traction. We like the fact that it’s easy to clean. Wash it by hand with salty water, vinegar, and oil-free soap, and let it dry in the sun.

The Manduka PROLite yoga mat is a well-rounded option for yoga and fitness enthusiasts. It’s a premium choice; thus, you can expect a high-quality and sturdy design. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Gaiam yoga mat is an affordable entry-level mat retailing for around $50 on Amazon. It is made of latex-free PVC and foam, which is safe for those with latex allergies. It’s easy to clean and environmentally friendly. This mat is light at only 3 pounds, with 5mm thick cushioning for comfort and grip.

Gaiam yoga mat is suitable for hot and regular yoga. It develops some stickiness when wet for better grip during hot yoga. The closed cell surface keeps the mat safe from bacteria and odor-free from sweat. Thanks to its large 68″L x 24″W size, you’ll have extra space to avoid rubbing elbows in a crowded studio.

The only thing we don’t like is that this mat could be better for pro yogis as it loses its grip with regular use. Its top coating tends to fall apart, which is why it’s ideal if you’re a beginner, testing whether you’re into yoga.

The Liforme mat is listed as one of the best yoga mats for beginners because of its alignment system. You’ll always know where to place your arms and feet during different poses. However, the high price makes it a good buy for professionals, especially yoga teachers. This is because it can help you see where your students’ feet and hands are in every pose.

This mat has a thick rubber base with what Liforme calls GripForMe material. It provides an unparalleled grip for both hot yoga and Hatha sessions. Top polyurethane coating bonded to the rubber base means it does not slip even when wet. 

Liforme is not a light mat weighing 5.5 pounds. It’s best for home practices or leaving it in the yoga studio, so you don’t have to carry it around. The mat is, however, good for the environment as it is biodegradable in one to five years in normal disposal landfill conditions. You get to choose from six different patterns that speak to your style. Now, you’re ready for hot yoga.

If your hands can’t stop sweating and you always find yourself slipping on a yoga mat, you better grab the JadeYoga Harmony mat. This mat offers excellent traction and cushioning for stability during standing poses. It’s also ideal for hot yoga and wet conditions since tiny dots help with stickiness for hands and feet grip.

JadeYoga Harmony also has good cushioning thanks to a thickness of 5mm. The mat stays in place to prevent falling or pulling a muscle since you won’t stretch too far in the Warrior Two pose or a handstand inversion.

This mat strikes a balance between price and quality quite well. It comes in a variety of colors that makes it a head-turner. Additionally, it’s made up of biodegradable natural rubber and is free from PVC, heavy metals, or toxic materials.

The only downside is that it’s not supposed to be subjected to direct sunlight as the rubber might get damaged. Thus, it’s only suitable for indoor yoga practices.

BalanceFrom All Purpose is the best yoga mat for those on a tight budget. It sells for about $20, which makes it a steal. Its ½-inch thickness supports the knees, especially in the child pose. You can hold Ustrasana and Parighasana poses for much longer on this mat. 

Use both sides of this mat since it’s made of high-density foam. It’s also long enough at 71 inches; hence most people will find it comfortable. The 24-inch width is perfect for most exercise as it also ensures you don’t rub elbows with a sweaty neighbor.

While it has a non-slip material on both sides, it could offer better non-slip performance. As such, you may have to use it with a grip towel for hot yoga or sweaty sessions. But thanks to its moisture-resistant technology, you can wash it with soap and water. It also comes with a strap upon purchase, a good add-on for portability. Nevertheless, it’s too bulky for travel which is why it’s ideal for home use.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, comfort gives you the best experience on a yoga mat. And that’s what the HealthyYoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat is all about. Its diamond pattern on top and a tire-tread pattern on the bottom makes it a favorite since it does not budge during hand poses. The mat also has a tear-resistant insert that prolongs usability over a long time.

The Heathyoga mat is made up of TPE materials or Thermoplastic Elastomers. This mix of PVC and rubber makes it biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It looks and feels expensive. Moreover, it provides superior cushioning with a 6mm thickness to support the balls of the feet, hands, and joints.

You’ll benefit from a body alignment guide that accurately helps you see where and how to place your hands and legs during practice. Thus, it’s a good choice for beginner yogis. It’s also comfortable for tall users since it’s 72 inches long.

However, it can get wrinkly if you don’t take proper care of it. Still, we found that dents disappear quickly when you use them. You’ll like that it’s lightweight at 2.2 pounds, so it’s perfect for travel with the included carrying strap.

It’s annoying when you slip into the downward dog. So, if you’ve tried all sorts of mats and can’t get ahold of one that won’t slip, the Tranquil Yogi Natural Yoga and Exercise Mat is for you. This mat is made from natural cork and rubber, which grounds and centers your practice. Your body flows better since the surface is smooth and supportive.

The combination of cork and rubber gives this mat a firm and soft feel. Therefore, it adequately cushions the knees, joints, and balls of the feet and hands. The grip on this mat gets better as your hands get wet. Hence, you can wet your hands as you improve your grip.

You get an alignment system in an attractive design to help orient your practice. In addition, it has antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties to prevent smelly sweat from accumulating. You’ll only have to grapple with how long it takes to dry. You have to hang it overnight. The bottom also tends to collect dirt, but if you’re out for the best non-skid mat, you’ll be hard-pressed to skip the Tranquil Yogi Natural Yoga and Exercise Mat.

At only 1.5 pounds, the Jade Yoga Voyager Yoga Mat is the easiest mat to take along for travel. It’s also 1/6 inches thick. Hence it packs compactly. You will travel light and take your yoga practice wherever you go. Because it’s not thick and designed for travel, it’s not advisable to use it every day since it will fall apart quickly.

This mat is non-toxic as it’s made from natural rubber. It does not also contain EVA, PVC, or synthetic rubber. Its rubber is sustainably sourced, and Jade plants a tree for every mat they sell. There are two lengths available; 68 inches and 74 inches. It also comes in four colors.

While this mat is thin, it is supportive and grippy for most poses. It provides excellent traction thanks to the open cell construction, which makes it grippy when wet. However, it can become slippery in a sweaty class. In addition, it may not support anyone with joint and knee problems.

As a travel yoga mat, it’s undeniably sticky, although you must clean it after every use since it attracts dirt and dust easily. You can also include it in the sun because natural rubber deteriorates fast. It’s the ideal choice for the traveling yogi.

If you’re into hot vinyasa flows, a mat with a perfect grip is a must-have. Still, having an equally comfortable and supportive mat would be best. Enter the Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat. With a beautiful design and numerous colors, this yoga mat has an ultra-absorbent microfiber top. The rubber base provides great cushioning combined with the 3.5mm thickness to support the places you need it most.

Apart from being visually stunning, this mat increases its grip performance when wet. It eliminates the need for a towel in hot and sweaty sessions. Moreover, the mat barely moves as you transition between poses. This mat also exhibits durable features since it does not collect dirt and dust fast. As such, you’ll not need to clean it after every use. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth for daily use.

You’ll like most of the features on this mat. However, it’s best to start with wet hands since it does not have a grip on dry hands. You’ll like it in a warm studio over a freezing house.

Jollie’s Plush mat features hand-painted prints by Kristen Leigh. It’s a fun mat to have at home or for group sessions. We found the micro-suede top layer super comfortable as it increases the versatility of your poses. This mat also increases its grip when wet; hence you may need to start with wet hands if it’s freezing.

The base on this mat is sustainably sourced natural rubber for added grip and durable everyday use. Besides, it absorbs excess moisture to prevent slippage during excessive sweating. The Plush mat is 5mm thick and 72 inches long. It is suitable for most people. It’s also available in a small child size; hence you can practice alongside your little one.

The hand-painted prints are available in six designs so that you can turn heads with a unique print. It’s also easy to clean by hand washing with a mild detergent and hang away from direct sunlight.

Important Features When Choosing a Yoga Mat

A yoga mat should complement your practice. You’ll likely feel joint discomfort when you’re new to yoga. Hence, you’ll need more cushioning than a seasoned yogi.

Here are some of the features to consider before purchasing a yoga mat.


Yoga mats can be thin (2mm and below), medium (3mm), and thick (5mm and above). A thin mat is lightweight and is good for travel. It’s also ideal for Iyengar, Bikram, and poses focused on balance. On the other hand, a medium mat is ideal for vinyasa and hatha yoga, where you require balance and grip. A thick mat is ideal if you want to hold poses for a longer time or have sensitive joints.


You’ll find yoga mats as short as 25 inches and as long as 74 inches. They also come in different widths. Ultimately, it’s best to consider a yoga mat size that matches your height and the room you need for your practice.


Traction is important both on top and on the mat’s base. A sticky mat is tacky to protect against slippage, while a grippy one is textured for additional grip on your hands and feet. A non-skid bottom ensures that the mat does not move when you do. To this end, if you sweat a lot or practice hot yoga, you’ll want to consider a yoga mat that is sticky and grippy with a non-skid bottom.


Most yoga mats are made from natural rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). PVC is highly durable, easy to clean, and has a good grip on the floor. Nonetheless, it is non-absorbent, so it can become slippery when wet. It’s also not as biodegradable as TPE and natural rubber but is a good option for those with latex allergies.

TPE delivers good traction and can be fully biodegradable since it’s artificial rubber. But it’s less durable than PVC and does not feel as comfy. Still, it’s easy to clean, antimicrobial, and UV-resistant. 

Natural rubber is very grippy, biodegradable, and antimicrobial. The non-slip performance makes it a favorite material for hot yoga. In addition, it has great cushioning since, although firm, it’s also flexible to protect against slippage and falls. The only con for natural rubber is its high price and bulky weight.


If you practice at home, a thick and heavy yoga mat will be no trouble. But if you take your yoga mat with you, it’s best that it’s foldable or have carrying straps. It should also be light because it will not be easy to travel with.

The Alo Yoga Warrior mat combines dense rubber for great traction and extra cushioning to offer stability for all poses. If you’re looking for a high-quality, well-rounded yoga mat that is supportive, roomy, portable, and easy to care for, the Alo Yoga Warrior is a great choice. It’s the only yoga mat you’ll need to perfect your practice.

Special Mentions

The yoga mats on our list are exceptional. Still, some models are worth a look if you’re willing to forego some features.

Alo Yoga Chakra Warrior Mat: This mat is priced higher than our top choice because it has alignment lines. Hence, it’s ideal if you want an Alo with pose guides and are willing to pay a little more for this feature.

Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat: This yoga mat has added texture to help keep your balance. You’ll stand strong in Warrior and Triangle poses. However, it gets loud when you sweat and especially when switching poses.

Nike Mastery Yoga Mat (Long): As a yoga mat, Nike Mastery is grippy thanks to its natural rubber construction. It would have been perfect if it didn’t squeak as much as it does when stepping on it.

Bowern Printed Rubber Yoga Mat: Bowern yoga mats are pretty as the colors of life inspire them. The base is biodegradable rubber, and the top is a suede coating. Still, it becomes slippery after a few months of use, requiring you to wash it gently in the washer to help the microfibers regain resistance. You may also need water and eucalyptus mix before practice, which only some people want to do every day.

IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat: Being affordable is a plus for this mat. This mat is not odor-resistant if you are into hot yoga and sweat a lot. You may have to look elsewhere for odor-resistant properties. It’s a good choice for a beginner who can avoid the sweaty practice.

Bennd Yoga Chakra Mat: This is an Ayurvedic yoga mat made of ethically-sourced cotton on top and a blend of latex and rubber on the base. It’s quite a unique offer, but around $190 for a yoga mat can inhibit some.

Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat: This yoga mat is pretty and functional for supporting all your poses. It loses its stickiness over time, meaning it will not serve you for a decent time.

Manduka EKO Superlite: Designed to be a travel mat, the Manduka EKO Superlite is only 2.2 pounds and 1.5mm thick. Nonetheless, it tends to slip when wet, so you’ll not like it for hot yoga. It also has a strong chemical smell when new that needs airing out.

Jade Travel Yoga Mat: Jade yoga mats hold up to daily use, including this travel mat. Its only shortfall is that it’s a high-maintenance mat. You can’t leave it out in the sun; it needs cleaning after every use because everything from lint to hair and dirt sticks to it.

SUGA Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat: Made from recycled surfing materials, this mat is sturdy, light, and comfy. Nonetheless, since it’s lightweight, it can move around in the downward dog unless you use a towel.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat: This is a high-quality yoga mat with excellent cushioning to support joints and balls of feet and hands. But it’s bulky at 7.5 pounds, so you’ll prefer to avoid lugging it back and forth from the studio.

Luxury Cork Yoga Mat: If sliding has always been an issue, a cork yoga mat is a way to go. This model is one of the best thanks to being thick with extra cushioning, stable, and slip-resistant. Its grip comes from moisture, so when your hands are dry, there’s no grip which is something you need to remember before getting into any asana that involves angled movements.

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