The best smartwatch does more than tell time or give you calls and SMS notifications. We’ve rounded up the most sophisticated smartwatches that double as fitness trackers, health and wellness monitors, and digital wallets to engage your lifestyle.

Every smartwatch on our list has something going for it. Read on to find out which of our top picks meets your needs.

Best Smartwatches in 2023 Reviewed

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with wonderful watch OS 9 updates, but if you already own a Series 7 or Series 6, you can get most of these updates on your smartwatch. However, if you want something to pair with your iPhone, Series 8 works with all of them.

It introduces temperature sensing with now two instead of one. It makes the smartwatch more intelligent since the sensor under the skin detects surface temperature while the one under the screen reads ambient temperature. The temperature sensor is also a fertility cycle tracker, but you can use it to know if you’ve spiked a fever as well.

Moreover, it boasts a highly accurate accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors that can detect car crashes. If you ever crash your car or bike, Series 8 can contact emergency services if there’s a nearby iPhone.

It’s exciting to see the low-power mode and it’s good to know that it can last over a couple of days. It’s the longest you can get on an Apple Watch. Moreover, the sizeable edge-to-edge display is refreshing when navigating and reading the new running metrics. 

Other features include medication tracking, a compass app to track steps, upgraded GPS, and multi-stage sleep tracking. Apple Watch Series 8 is also swim-proof, dust-proof, and crack-resistant. The tremendous amount of health and fitness tracking makes Apple Series 8 a significant breakthrough on wearable tech.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is an excellent exercise tracker with onboard GPS, making it a great running companion and significantly cheaper than its flagship counterparts.

Available in 40mm and 45mm sizes, the Vivoactive 4 caters to both medium and large wrists. It also comes in various colors, including gold/pink, silver/gray, rose gold/white, and slate/black. You’ll like that its glass boasts Gorilla Glass 3 tech to protect against scratches and cracks.

As our top choice fitness smartwatches, this model has GLONASS, GALILEO, temp, pressure, and Pulse Ox sensors, among others. It comes preloaded with 20 fitness apps for running, yoga, swimming, Pilates, etc. Our favorite has got to be golf tracking since it comes complete with course-specific data.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 has much going for it, including a transflective MIP touchscreen that gets brighter in the sun. With a battery life of four days when tracking and up to eight days when not actively tracking, you can bet your money on the Garmin Vivoactive 4.

If you want the look of a classic watch but with smartwatch capabilities, choose the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. This model is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. It is small and elegant with a full-color AMOLED display. The watch face is sufficient to monitor calls and text messages, although it may feel crowded after adding apps.

The Zepp OS is still lacking big-name iOS and android apps. Nevertheless, it still includes Amazon Alexa and its useful offline assistant capability. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has an optical biometric sensor that monitors blood-oxygen saturation, breathing, stress, heart rate, and sleep quality. Still, the accuracy for heart tracking could be better, and it misses the mark on sleep tracking.

As for the battery life, it can last up to seven days with GPS activated and Bluetooth connected. You can also swim with the fluoroelastomer strap but avoid using the leather strap in this case. Ultimately, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is an affordable smartwatch for the casual wearer, though, it may not fit the serious fitness tracker.

Garmin Lily Small GPS Smartwatch is the closest you’ll ever get to the traditional women’s watch. Seeing a feminine version in the male-dominated smartwatches world is refreshing. With the Lily, you get a stylish watch with a comfortable design. This model has key health features, like blood oxygen readings, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep, stress, steps, energy level, and workout tracking.

Lily offers typical smart features such as phone notifications, health and fitness apps, and music playback controls. Apart from the above characteristics, Lily has women’s health tracking. You can log your cycle’s details to receive fertility and cycle predictions. Unfortunately, it lacks an always-on display, unlike the Vivoactive 4. 

Garmin Lily is small, but the navigation is easy on the touchscreen. You can also get up to four days of battery life. However, its biggest quibble is the lack of GPS stemming from its simplicity. It is better for indoor activities like yoga and Pilates, but you’re better off with the Garmin Vivoactive 4 for running and cycling.

Fitbit Sense is a sophisticated smartwatch for anyone who wants a reasonably priced Apple watch alternative. This smartwatch is focused on mental wellness, and it features an electrodermal (EDA) scanner to monitor stress, especially when using the Mindfulness app, and an EKG to monitor your heart’s rhythm.

Fitbit Sense looks like an Apple Watch thanks to the infinity band and edge-to-edge display. There are also two straps to fit different wrist sizes. The Gorilla glass screen offers a color display that’s bright and responsive. A quick swipe reveals the settings, including the notifications you can customize on the Fitbit app.

With onboard GPS, you don’t need to take your phone out for runs. Fitbit Sense can track runs, bike rides, and walks accurately. It also keeps track of sleep, temps, menstrual cycles, high and low heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. Fitbit Sense is packed with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It can receive SMSs and calls, and you can use it to respond to text messages.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a top-end smartwatch that doubles as a fitness tracker. It’s compatible with all android phones, but you will need a Samsung phone to monitor ECG and blood pressure. It also has Wear OS installed for an engaging user experience. It allows you to select Google services such as Bixby, Google Assistant, and Google Pay, and stream music straight from YouTube.

It’s the perfect companion on occasions when you can’t take your phone with you. You can text and talk with it like it’s something out of the Star Trek movies. And did we tell you that Galaxy Watch 4 can connect to live coaching sessions? With this smartwatch, you can get your motivation going even when you don’t feel like it.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has a body composition tracker that no other major smartwatch offers. Its other features like GPS, heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep/snoring measurement, and fitness are well-thought-out.

There’s also no question that the virtual rotating bezel is a loveable returning feature. With the two right-hand side buttons, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a breeze to navigate.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus GPS Smartwatch offers a sports tracker in the style of a smartwatch which is hard to resist.

The Venu 2 Plus will track any activity that helps burn calories. It also has onboard GPS, so you can go outdoors, and it will help you on which routes to take. The Venu 2 Plus also has a compass, barometer, heart rate and pulse oximeter, thermometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer. It features 25 activities out of the box, and you can download 1,400 additional activities. It even allows you to watch helpful videos for yoga and strength training straight out of your wrist.

Aside from that, it can also play music while keeping the battery life on for 9 to 10 days which is phenomenal as you don’t need to charge it often.

For anyone who spends time hiking or biking, a watch that automatically maps your route using GPX is a breath of fresh air. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will auto-track swimming, canoeing, and running while still being your personal assistant.

Is it chunky? Yes. But is it annoying? Certainly not. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 strikes the balance of what is a fitness tracker that competes with the likes of Garmin and a smart wearable. It comes with body composition analysis, an accurate Samsung Bioactive sensor, and advanced sleep tracking. Furthermore, it can track 90 exercises, including HIIT, which tends to be a hit or miss on most smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 features Tizen OS watch faces and Tile user interface elements. It also opens the door to every Samsung app you’ll need, from Bixby to Google Assistant, GoogleFit, and the like, because Wear OS powers it.

A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face and a water-resistant titanium body are some highlights that make it a must-have. It’s sad to see Samsung lose the rotating bezel on the Watch 5 Pro, but navigation remains intuitive. While it can’t beat Garmin, Fitbit, and Withings in battery life, two days means you can head out on Friday evening, and it won’t need juicing up until Sunday evening. 

Withings Scanwatch is stripped but intricately advanced that it beats the Fitbit and Garmin at their health tracking game.

With an FDA clearance for blood oxygen monitoring and the capability to alert you about breathing disturbances and irregular heartbeats, Withings Scanwatch is a valuable tool when watching your health. 

Unfortunately, it lacks a voice assistant, music playback, microphone, and NFC support. It focuses solely on fitness and health, but you can still get call notifications. The 42 mm face is a bit chunky, but it won’t look obnoxious alongside a suit. 

The crown dial allows you to navigate the options such as step count, heart rate, date, and time, and take ECG and SpO2 readings.

Withings Scanwatch can track and record 40 different workouts. It also has the option to add any sport or exercise you want. Thirty days of battery life is a massive feature since you never have to take it off, but you’ll need to be careful about which features you’re turning on. If you’re serious about health monitoring, you better get on the Withings Scanwatch wagon.   

The TicWatch Pro 3 is cheap, sleek, and boasts of performance thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor. Not to mention, its physical qualities beat expensive brands. 

We are talking about a 1.4-inch OLED display that’s not only sharp and vivid but super responsive. It has two navigation buttons on the right and SpO2 and heartbeat sensors on the bottom. The dual pushers, time designations, and two-tone metal finish all represent a smartwatch that Mobvoi has thoughtfully created.

It uses Wear OS, so you will have Google Assistant, Google Pay, Google Fit, and other Google-related apps. Additionally, TicWatch Pro 3 can track 100 workouts both indoors and outdoors. As far as mapping your route, it has an inbuilt GPS that does not need to rely on your phone, so you can go for a run without taking your handset with you. 

TicWatch Pro 3 is our pick for the longest battery life on this list. The smart mode, where you have access to countless apps and watch faces, gives you three days of battery life and up to 45 days when you only have a small number of apps and features on. For its improved health features, remarkable battery life, and superior user interface, TicWatch Pro 3 can be an intelligent choice.

Best Smartwatches Buying Guide

When shopping for a smartwatch, it is essential to weigh your choices by looking at the features that are important for you before you decide. We consider these factors necessary when searching for the best smartwatch that will suit you.


Your choice of smartwatches will highly depend on the smartphone you use, so compatibility is high among the factors you need to consider. The smartwatch you’ll buy should also help you track what you need to track and assist you in your day-to-day activities. If the device lacks services or features you need, then definitely it’s not for you.

Health and Fitness Features

Look out for sensors available on a smartwatch. A heart rate sensor is a must-have for tracking workouts, while an inbuilt GPS is ideal for running, biking, and venturing outdoors. Moreover, you may want a smartwatch that can monitor vital aspects of your health, such as blood oxygen, heartbeats, sleep, stress, and respiration. While offered at premium prices, they can help you get a good picture of your activities.


It’s important to have a smartwatch that matches your style. You don’t want to pick a large watch if you have small wrists. You’ll want a smartwatch that fits how you dress, your overall look, and your comfort, and it should be versatile enough that you can use it in different settings. 

Battery Life

You need to pay attention to the battery life when getting a smartwatch. Depending on your needs, lifestyle, usage, and features packed in a smartwatch, you may have to charge it overnight every day, while others can go weeks without dying on you. Let your smartwatch serve your needs instead of being another piece left on the night table because you forgot to charge it.

How Much Should You Spend on A Smartwatch?

The price of a smartwatch is highly dependent on its functions, operating system, and tracking features. Pricey models can monitor nearly everything under the sun, while cheap ones struggle to keep up with notifications. 

If you’re looking for up-to-the-minute innovation, Apple Series 8 fits the bill. However, if its latest add-ons don’t make sense, and you’re more about fitness, Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a fantastic buy. Still, mental health is an important aspect to track. So, we recommend purchasing Fitbit Sense to stay on top of this critical wellness aspect.

The sweet spot is always where you consider the features you can’t live without and find a smartwatch that meets your needs.

Apple Watch Series 8 is a significant upgrade over the Apple Series 7 by leveraging necessary motion sensors for emergencies.

This full-featured smartwatch and fitness tracker sets the bar high with Watch OS 9. It is slick, brighter, and larger, with full-on communication tools and sensors for multiple health tracking options. It also includes heart rate and fertility tracking. With all these in mind, for us, Apple Watch Series 8 is the best smartwatch money can buy.

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