A protective case is vital in maintaining the integrity of your new iPhone 14. You’ve obviously spent hundreds of dollars and over $1000 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few more to get plenty of protection and a nice, sleek finish with an iPhone 14 case.

Whether you’re looking for Apple-branded cases or cases from the best iPhone 14 case brands, we’ve lined up the top available options. Add a screen protector and extend protection to iPhone 14’s OLED Super Retina XDR display. Knowing that your iPhone 14 is a lot more than a smartphone, we’ve also picked some beautiful accessories to go with your phone.

Note that there are four iPhones in the iPhone 14 family. Although the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are similar in size to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, their cases are not interchangeable. This is because the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have extra cameras requiring a larger cutout on the case.

The best iPhone 14 cases protect your phone from cracks, dents, nicks, and scratches. The assortment of cases here showcases all styles and varieties available for the iPhone 14 range. Choose the case that speaks to your personality, budget, and functionality.

Reviewed iPhone 14 Case Brands

Best iPhone 14 Cases from Popular Brands

1. Apple

Getting protection from Apple’s silicone and leather cases is perfect. Only these cases are pricey options. Both types are MagSafe-compatible for seamless MagSafe connections. With any of these cases, you can rest assured of a perfect fit and premium protection. The silicone cases are made of silicone and microfiber. They are available in eight colors with a soft touch finish.

If you’re up for a premium feel, the leather options are slim and sleek and provide superior cushioning. Your iPhone 14 will always be protected from light bumps and scratches. However, the leather cases add a little bulk to your phone.

Apple Leather and Silicone iPhone 14 cases are available on Amazon and Apple’s official store.

Apple iPhone Leather Cases with MagSafe

Apple iPhone Silicone Cases with MagSafe

Apple iPhone Clear Cases with MagSafe

2. Otterbox

Otterbox is well known for its super protective cases from the Defender series. However, the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series is a slim and stylish line offering excellent protection while being stylish. The Figura Series also has a simple low profile but with raised edges to protect the camera and the screen. It has colorful options with a flexible material with a soft grip. There’s also the Frē series consisting of waterproof iPhone 14 cases.

Popular Otterbox iPhone 14 Case Series

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Also available for

3. Spigen

Spigen was founded in 2008, and it offers high-quality mobile accessories. For iPhone 14, you have three lines to choose from. These include:

Armor: It provides solid protection from the highest falls. It’s made of TPU for longevity and uses Air cushion technology to protect against drops. This line is compatible with MagSafe accessories and wireless charging.

Liquid Air: You get light protection from this line. It’s ideal if you’re not worried about dropping your phone on hard surfaces. This line also features air cushion drop technology and is compatible with wireless charging.

Thin Fit/ Air: This line is ideal for protecting your phone against scratches. It’s made of TPU and PC for durability. It has raised edges for screen and camera protection.

4. Incipio

Incipio has some of the most popular options for iPhone 14. There are various lines for this iPhone, including the Organicore with sustainable materials and the Duo with soft-touch material, 12-ft drop protection, and MagSafe compatibility.

The OrganiCore case is 100% biodegradable. Still, it can protect your phone from an 8-ft drop. In addition, it has a raised edge bezel to protect the screen. OrganiCore is 5G compatible and works with wireless chargers and MagSafe accessories.

Incipio Duo Series iPhone Cases

Incipio Organiccore Series iPhone Cases

5. Mous

Mous provides iPhone 14 cases with a variety of finishes and six colors. Some cases are fully MagSafe compatible. You can choose from genuine wood, white acetate, aramid fiber, and speckled black fabric. The bamboo and walnut finishes are the simplest to keep clean. Also included now are the Clarity 2.0 and Limitless 5.0 MagSafe cases.

Popular Mous iPhone 14 Cases

6. Mujjo

If you’re a fan of leather cases, Mujjo is the better option because Apple’s leather cases do not come cheap. The best thing is that it’s also available in black. Mujjo has flat leather iPhone 14 cases and wallet variants to hold cash and cards. The color choices from Mujjo include tan, black, and a funky Monaco Blue. You’ll also like that the logo is subtle.

Mujjo leather cases have the same feel as Apple’s leather cases. Additionally, you get machined metal buttons for a nice button-press feel. However, the bottom is open, and the camera lid does not allow your iPhone to lie flat.

Popular Mujjo iPhone 14 Cases

Also available for

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7. Case-Mate

You can decorate your iPhone 14 with a floral or a cool blocky case. Since the color of a case is one of the vital aspects of choosing a phone case, Case-Mate has the most vibrant colors. You can choose bright neon, twinkle diamond, soap bubble, pearl stripes, matte clay, and neon watermelon, among others.

Case-Mate cases are made from recycled plastics. They also feature strong magnets to work with MagSafe accessories. All cases protect against 6ft. up to 10ft. drops and have a lifetime warranty.

Popular Case-Mate iPhone 14 Case Series

8. Nomad

Nomad cases for the iPhone 14 series come in leather and sport series. The leather case integrates a neodymium magnet array to work with MagSafe accessories. Nomad uses sustainably-sourced leather in collaboration with a Danish Tannery. The leather is specially dyed to give you different color choices from black, brown, rustic brown, English tan, and natural.

The Nomad leather case features a microfiber lining with a polycarbonate frame. It can protect your phone from drops of up to 10 ft. on a hard surface. A TPE bumper provides 360-degree protection since it runs all around the phone.

Nomad’s Sport Case comes with a polycarbonate frame and microfiber interior. You’ll like the high gloss black plate and the TPE bumper that wraps around the case. This case will protect against drops of up to 6 ft. The metal buttons are pretty responsive and look nice. It’s also MagSafe-compatible.

Popular Nomad iPhone 14 Cases

9. Kate Spade

Kate Spade offers stylish iPhone 14 cases. Its lineup consists of fun florals, glittery, and fashion-forward cases. These cases are made from recycled plastic and can protect your iPhone 14 in a 12 ft. drop. Moreover, it has antimicrobial protection from 99% of surface bacteria.

Kate Spade also boasts slim cases from the Defensive Hardshell for MagSafe collection. The Kate Spade New York Folio case gives you a compact purse with crumbs faux leather material for a soft outer touch feel. Its interior is a velvet lining that keeps your phone secure.

Other collections come in the NEW High-Gloss Protective Hardshell for MagSafe with a high-gloss, lacquer finish. The NE Chunky Glitter Protective case comes with real embedded glitter.

Popular Kate Spade New York iPhone 14 Cases

10. Speck

Speck iPhone 14 cases come in three lines. The Presidio Perfect consists of clear, clear-ombre, glitter, and mist-colored cases made for MagSafe accessories. They protect from drops of up to 13 ft. using armor cloud technology which keeps the phone in a sort of airbag.

The Presidio 2 is the other Speck line which includes air cushions for protection. These cases have a soft-touch finish for added comfort. They also protect against 13-ft drops. Lastly, you have the Presidio 2 Pro line, which is 20% slimmer than the Presidio 2. It also features no-slip inverted grips for a firmer grip when texting and talking.

As for the Presidio 2 and Presidio 2 Pro colors, you can choose from spring purple, digital pink, charcoal, black, white, and coastal blue, among others.

Popular Speck iPhone 14 Cases

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11. Totallee

Totallee iPhone 14 cases are the thinnest, minimalist options you’ll find. They are ideal if you’re not a fan of cases but would still want to protect your iPhone from scratches and everyday bumps. Totallee’s cases are available in seven colors. These are; frosted black, frosted clear, navy blue, green, red, clear (hard), and clear (soft). In addition, Totallee’s cases are branding-free, meaning there are no distracting patterns or logos.

Popular Totallee iPhone 14 Cases

12. Sonix

Sonix provides dependable protection in stylish and cute designs. Its cases are made from 100% thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This flexible material makes it easy to get the case on and off. Besides, it’s an antimicrobial material that slows the growth of microorganisms on the case. The glossy, scratch-resistant coating provides everyday wear and tear protection. Some cases are MagSafe compatible, and we consider them the best Sonix options for your iPhone 14.

Also available for


CASETiFY is now rocking new cases explicitly designed for the new iPhone 14 line. It’s also refreshing its models to fit iPhone 14 dimensions. The new CASETiFY Bounce series sticks to a slim form factor while still being protective. Its Bounce corners with EcoShock technology can prevent cracks from drops up to 21.3 ft. It also integrates a MagSafe ring, a camera guard, and a raised lip to protect the screen. The case is available in five colors; kiwi, triple black, clear black, peri purple, and bubble gum.

The Impact and Ultra series are being refreshed with new EcoShock technology for 20% more protection than previous models. Moreover, there are five styles: matte black, kiwi, clear/black, bubble gum, and peri purple.

Popular CASETiFY iPhone 14 Cases

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Also available for

14. Dbrand

Dbrand has MagSafe compatibility, satisfying clicky buttons, and microscopic ridges for a textured feel. It’s available in 29 colored backplates, all with a thin profile and immaculate buttons. The chamfered edge sits flush with the phone, so it never gets in the way of your thumb. Add in the military-grade drop protection and you have a case to last the life of your iPhone 14.

Also available for

What Is a Magsafe Case?

Magsafe is an Apple wireless charging system designed by Apple around its Qi wireless charging technology. A Magsafe case allows wireless power transfer with Magsafe accessories. These cases have magnets on the back to allow your iPhone to snap securely and directly onto a Magsafe case and Magsafe accessories such as wireless chargers and wallets.

A Magsafe case should have built-in Magsafe magnets. You’ll see a ring on the inside to allow it to function as a Magsafe case. Some claim they are “Magsafe compatible ” but only allow magnets to stick because they are thin. However, they are not effective because the connection is usually weak.

Best iPhone 14 Accessories

1. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

The Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 is your high-tech treehouse for Apple gear. It can charge your iPhone 14, Apple Watch, and Airpods simultaneously. Moreover, it’s compatible with Apple products with the Qi standard. If you want a simple multi-device charger for iPhone 14 and other Apple products, the Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 is a no-brainer.

2. Apple MagSafe Charger

For those who want a convenient wireless charger instead of plugging in your iPhone 14, the Apple MagSafe charger is the best choice. It offers double the charging speed of a Qi-based charger. You can also use your phone as it charges, unlike other non-magnetic wireless chargers. If you’re not invested in many Apple devices and want a wireless charger for your iPhone 14, the Apple MagSafe charger is our only recommendation.

3. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector GlasTR EZ FIT

We love the Spigen GlasTR EZ FIT tempered screen protector because it has an alignment tool. With iPhone 14 having an edge-to-edge design, it’s easy to screw installation because there’s nothing to line the protector. You get two screen protectors that are scratch-resistant for the price. Your phone will be scratch-free, and combined with one of the best cases for iPhone 14 in this review; you have next to zero chance of getting bumps or damaging your phone.

4. beats Studio Buds

This pair is lightweight, discreet, and beats Apple Airpods Pro in sound. You’ll get instant pairing with all your Apple devices. They also have a transparency mode and noise-canceling like Airpods Pro. You’ll get them in white, black, and red, and they provide up to 24 hours of listening with the pocket-sized charging case. You’ll also like that you can track these buds using Apple’s Find My app.

5. Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount

A vent mount with Magsafe is handy when charging your iPhone in the car. It works on all vent types, providing a convenient way of holding your iPhone on the go. The solid attachment means your phone will never fall, and you can use it in any orientation. As such, you can use navigation apps hands-free. We like everything about the design and execution of the Belkin MagSafe car vent mount, and we believe you too, will like it with the new iPhone 14.

6. Anker 610 (MagGo) Magnetic Phone Grip

This magnetic ring is the perfect kickstand for your iPhone 14. It uses the magnets at the back of the phone to provide a stable grip so you can hold your phone better. Use it as a magnetic Popsocket when taking photos or a stand when watching movies. While it’s not foolproof, it does a pretty good job of gripping your phone tightly.

7. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Do you always wish you had an extra battery pack? Then the Apple MagSafe battery pack will save you a big deal of disappointment when the battery is low. It’s compact and magnetic, so it sticks to the back of your phone. It will charge your dying iPhone to 60% if you don’t have access to a power outlet.

8. Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

The official Apple leather wallet with MagSafe is a good option when you want a minimalist wallet to carry your cards. It will attach to MagSafe cases and the iPhone 14, providing a premium sleeve for three cards. The hole at the back is convenient for pushing the cards since taking them from the front is a bit hard. All you have to do is snap it on and off your phone. Moreover, you can set it up on Find My to locate it if it ever detaches from the phone.

9. Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

Want to turn your iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, or Pro Max into a games console? Grab the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller to take remote play and game streaming to the next level. This controller removes the hassle of touch controls and allows you to game by attaching your iPhone while working seamlessly like standard Backbone. The curves and edges make for ergonomic use.

This controller is immediately detected once you plug in your iPhone. It allows games that support it to use it as the main controller. It’s excellent on native apps and games, Xbox’s Game Pass streaming, and remote play on PS5. Thus, you don’t need to be in front of your TV to enjoy gaming.

Honorable Mentions

Peak Design: This brand has stylish cases at a cheap offer. The cases are also MagSafe compatible and are available in a standard version. However, there are not many color options.

Catalyst: The Crux and Influence lines of the Catalyst brand are designed to help your iPhone produce more sound. The Crux is not stylish at all and only caters to those who want military-grade protection. The Influence caters for work as it’s not the most protective against high drops on hard surfaces.

Ringke: Here, you’ll find some of the cheapest iPhone 14 cases. However, if you choose cases with a cardholder, they stick to silicone. Otherwise, Ringke is a good choice for budget-friendly cases.

Smartish: This brand also provides a nice balance between price and materials. The standard options range in the $15 to $30 range, while the primary cases cost around $25. You can even customize your case. But Smartish is too basic and plain for iPhone 14 series.

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