A dash cam is a way to go for extra safety and security while driving. After you’ve checked your seat belt and side mirrors, your dash cam should be included in your list. Plus, with a dash cam, you can tell who is at fault when an accident occurs without any hassle. And this is one of many benefits of using dash cams. 

So if you still need to tick a dash cam on your checklist of safety measures, let’s help you with that. In this article, we’ll share the best dash cams in the market. 

These dash cams have amazing features that will make you wonder why you didn’t get one soon enough. And if you already have but aren’t using any of these models, it might be time to get a new one.

10 Best Dash Cams Reviewed

The Nextbase 622GW has probably the largest lens in the market. Thanks to its multi-layered glass lenses, get ready to capture wide angles without distortion. It has a 140-degree viewing angle, allowing you to record in Cinematic 4k.

With its digital image stabilization, you can get clear shots even with vibrations from your car. Digital image stabilization reduces vibration, producing excellent image quality even on rough roads. And when the road isn’t so harsh, even better. It captures the finer details like license numbers and so on.

Capturing on dark roads or in bad weather is a minor deal for this cam. Enhanced night vision and built-in algorithms help provide clear images no matter the situation.

This smart cam features a built-in Alexa smart assistant, which allows you to play music, place calls, and even control home devices from your phone. Another smart feature of this cam is that when an accident occurs, the cam immediately sends your essential medical information to an emergency center you keyed in during setup. 

You can also view your footage in slow motion, so you don’t miss a thing. Clearing all doubts just because easier with Nextbase 622 GW. 

The Garmin Dash Cam is a picture of “great things come in small packages,” a little bigger than the size of a matchbox; this dash cam does more than it looks. 

This dash cam has an HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, which captures clear 1440p footage, even in extreme weather conditions. It also comes with a smartphone app, and if you’re looking for more space, you can upload your videos on the Garmin cloud via WiFi. 

This dash cam comes with a 16GB microSD card. And if you need extra storage, you can subscribe to Garmin’s storage plan. 

Garmin dash cam 67W is easy to set up and use thanks to its voice command feature.

Vantrue N4 triple dash cam gives you proper footage at three different angles. It has a front, interior, and rear camera for 3-channel recording. The front camera captures 1440p at a 155° wide angle, the rear camera captures 1080p at a 160° wide angle, and the interior camera captures 1080p at a 165° wide angle. 

The front camera can easily record up to 4k for the most precise shots of license plates and other signs when used alone.

This dash cam still captures clear images in low light situations with its 4 IR lights, F1.4  and F1.8 6 glass lenses observing the front, rear, and car interior.

The cam also features motion or collision detection, automatically recording when triggered. With this cam, you get 360° all-around complete protection for your vehicle.

More features than you can imagine make up the Rove R2 dash cam. We’re talking about built-in GPS, built-in WiFi, built-in G sensor, motion detector, super night vision, and so on.

This dash cam is built to provide 4k ultra HD videos during the day and at night. Its ultra-low light Sony STARVIS and night vision make this possible. 

You can record from any direction by rotating the camera to your preferred angle. For storage, the Rove R2 is designed to support a 512GB micro SD card.

Also, enjoy a great user experience with its voice guidance feature for alerts, wide dynamic range for clear pictures no matter the light condition, and picture distortion correction. 

A unique feature of this cam is the screen saver feature which shows important details while recording in the background. Details like live speed, time, compass, date, and day.

When you thought it couldn’t get smaller, it did. The size of this dash cam has nothing to do with its performance as it records in clear 1080p with a 140-degree view, making it an excellent eye-witness camera.

It features easy-to-use voice control, and you can save your videos to an online vault over a strong WiFi connection. Its small design provides discreet monitoring and protection from hot temperatures. Install it behind your rearview mirror, like a secret cam. 

Get live police alerts, head’s up navigation, crowdsourced radar detector alerts and mayday alerts on your cobra smart dash cam. And it also features a rearview camera. 

With 4k ultra HD resolution, this dash cam can capture every detail as you drive in the most transparent way possible. You also enjoy the built-in Alexa smart assistant feature for an enjoyable user experience.

Enjoy voice control on your Garmin Dash cam by saying, “ok, Garmin.” With this, you can play or stop a recording and save a video or still picture on your camera.

This compact camera has an extra 180-degree field of view, allowing it to capture clear 1440p footage. And in low light conditions, the Garmin Clarity HDR™ still will enable it to take clear shots.

The Garmin dash cam also records and saves incident footage automatically. 

The Nextbase 522GW provides quality HD recording plus 6 lane-wide views capturing the road. 

It comes with an emergency SOS feature that sends us alerts with your personal information in the event of an incident.

You can connect the cam easily to its mount with one hand thanks to its Click & Go PRO mount design. The cam also offers a polarizing filter for glare reduction.

Enjoy peace of mind while driving because your VIOFO A129 Pro dash cam has covered you. This dual-channel cam delivers footage in 4k ultra HD, offering you crisp video quality. The front and rear cam use a Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor on the front camera and Sony IMX 291 sensor on the rear camera for super night vision. 

The cam also features Advanced Parking Mode, which allows it to record and save a 15 seconds video before an incident and 30 seconds after. This ensures you get everything that led to the incident.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control to save videos while driving. So you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

Last but not least on our list of the best dash cams is the Vantrue N1 Pro. Although older than the N4 pro version, it still has all the features you need in a dash cam at a very affordable price. 

It has a G sensor motion detector, a Sony sensor for super night vision, 1080 full HD lenses, and a heat-resistant CPU. All this and more in a compact size.

Why Should You Get A Dash Cam?

The benefit of getting a dash cam is more than knowing who caused a dent in your car while parked. So here are a few other things you stand to gain with a dash cam:

Better and safe driving: Knowing a dash cam is in a car makes whoever is driving your car not be reckless while going. It also helps you review your driving to get better and more cautious.

Building Memories: With a dash cam installed, you can keep high-quality footage of fantastic road trip events that you may have missed. This way, you can have a ton of memories from your driving.

Emergency services: If your dash cam has GPS and an SOS function when an accident occurs, an emergency service can quickly locate you.

Insurance: Video footage showing who is at fault in an accident will help you readily claim insurance benefits.

First-hand eye witness: Evidence in an accident doesn’t get more precise than a dash cam. It’s easy to know what happened, thanks to the dash cams.

None other than the Nextbase 622GW takes this spot as our overall best. Its features are spot on, from its video quality, emergency response, WiFi, and GPS connectivity to its overall aesthetic.

Get the peace of mind you desire while driving, parking, or simply owning a car by getting a dash cam today. And with these options we’ve provided you, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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