You’ve likely seen the jade roller and wondered – is it a fad or a legit facial massage tool? Well, a jade roller is one of those skincare bad boys that looks good and does wonders. According to Board Certified dermatologist; Dendy Engelman MD, A jade roller can efficiently push away toxins and fluids through your lymphatic system.

Jade facial rollers bring a natural glow to the skin. They can temporarily alleviate wrinkles and puffiness and are the perfect addition to any skincare routine. Combined with serums and oils, you can help control fine lines and breakouts with a jade roller.

In a market flooded with a zillion options, reading reviews and looking at photos will help you pick the best jade roller that looks and feels good. Here, we’ll help you pick a jade roller worth your money and last for years.

Best Jade Rollers for Radiant Skin Reviewed

Use the Herbivore Jade De-puffing face roller for just about every spot on your face, thanks to the dual head. The newly improved version is made of ethically-mined aventurine jade stones and brassy-gold hardware to improve durability. It will destress and de-puff your skin because of its naturally cool temperature. Add a few drops of oil, serum, or cream to clean your skin and help absorb your beauty products. Start rolling the stone in upward motions for instant dewy skin.

Named after a Chinese province, the Province Apothecary Dual Action Jade Roller is two rollers in one. The smooth side is ideal for soothing the skin, applying serums and oils, and reducing puffiness. Its unique textured side gently exfoliates the skin by targeting the deeper levels of the dermis. Therefore, it will increase blood circulation and improve elasticity.

Province Apothecary also does an excellent job of targeting the look of stretch marks and cellulite on other areas of your skin using the studded side. Why not get double the benefits by adding it to your cart? You are about to enjoy instantly bright and smooth-looking, contoured skin.

Elevate your skincare ritual with an oversized jade roller like the Esker Allover. It’s designed to reduce puffiness and tension with a textured head that breaks up the tension within the fascia. The extra-large Xiuyan jade is good for neck-to-bottoms of feet rolling. Its 7 by 3 inches (LxW) size is perfect for proper handling.

The pretty marbled handle is our favorite part of this roller since you’ll never drop it. Roll it towards the natural lymph flow direction (towards the heart and trunk) to enjoy the benefits of smoother, firmer skin free of stress and puffiness. Use it to slather your favorite body oil or cream for the perfect ending to a long stressful day.

Mount Lai is our top option when you need a jade roller with 100% pure jade. This classic jade roller is superb for the instant de-puffing effects. The double ends mean you can use it on the cheeks and under the eyes. It does not squeak loudly, and you can store it in the fridge to use when it’s colder.

This jade roller comes with a beautiful, grooved satin-lined box that also serves as storage. It’s best to use it with oil or serum to avoid tugging when rolling. Most people attest to helping with wrinkles and tension, reducing redness, and instant cooling. It’s your go-to for a long-lasting jade roller for everyday use.

Want a lovely glow? Pair this rose-quartz roller with your favorite face oil, moisturizer, or serum for instant dewy effects. This jade roller promotes lymphatic drainage and provides a cooling sensation for stress and tension relief. Whether you want to tackle fine lines, puffy eyes, or dull skin, the BeautyBio rose quartz will help you stay refreshed no matter the time of day.

It works on all skin types. Pair it with an oil or cream, start at the center of your face, and roll towards the temples, the lymph drainage point. Once you’re done, wipe it gently with a damp cloth and dry it. You can even store it in the fridge if you want an instant spa-like feel from a cold massage.

The Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar is a handheld massager that helps sculpt and contour the face. It is made with 24-karat gold-plated brass and has two heads for varying purposes. The first head is smooth and round for gentle massaging and sculpting, while the second is more pointed for targeted sculpting and contouring. The Gold Sculpting Bar also has a storage pouch.

Start by cleansing your face and applying facial oil or serum, then use the smooth, round head to massage your face in a circular motion. Then, use the pointed head to contour your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Finally, use the flat side of the bar to massage your neck.

It works for all skin types, but it’s best for shaping and contouring your face without applying harsh chemicals or treatments.

The Mount Lai Jade Tension Melting Massager is ideal for the face and neck. It uses authentic jade to improve circulation and help with lymphatic drainage. It can also relieve tension and pain.

Start with clean skin and apply a small amount of lotion or oil. Then, use the face roller on the forehead, cheeks, and chin. This jade roller delivers a deep facial massage similar to what you’d get in a spa. It works smoothly by not tugging on the skin since it has a smooth finish and a Y-shape.

Grab the Mount Lai Jade Tension Melting Massager to ease sensitivity and restore calm to your poise.

The Knesko Skin Green Jade Gemstone Roller is made from green jade, known for its ability to help improve the look of your skin. When used on your face, neck, and body, it will leave your skin radiant and face subtly contoured. You can use the roller on the whole body, not just your face. It is best for dry and sensitive skin as it helps increase blood circulation and remove toxins by moving lymph fluid.

The Skin Gym Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Tool is ideal for contouring the face and lifting the skin. It has a variety of settings that allow you to customize your experience. As such, you can target different areas, like the vertical lines between the eyes or lip lines. It also works great on the jawline and cheekbones when sculpting the face.

All you need to use this massager is to turn it on and hold it against the skin. It will do the rest. With over 6,000 vibrations per minute, it can temporarily sculpt the face giving you an instant lift. The tension release is a huge plus that also leads to glowing skin.

The GingerChi Jade Roller is made of 100% pure jade. It helps increase circulation and reduce puffiness. But its best feature is evening out skin tone. Thus, if you have skin patches or combination skin, you’ll find it may help. It’s best to use this jade roller on the face, neck, and décolletage in the morning and evening.

Apart from working on uneven skin tones, GingerChi is also great on puffy or tired skin. It has an instant rejuvenating effect due to the cool jade. The roller is easy to use, and you can put it in the fridge for a colder start when massaging the skin.

Master the art of facial massage with a set with everything for a complete facial massage. The dual-sided jade roller can reduce pores, improve skin elasticity and eliminate toxins. It’s always best to pair it with a serum or oil for deep penetrating effects. Now you can combat aging effects with the gua sha as it can increase circulation and help sculpt your face.

With a lifetime warranty, you can rest easy because PLANTIFIQUE will return your money in case of damage. And did we mention that it’s reasonably priced? You’ll not find a real jade roller and gua sha set under $30 anywhere. Only the PLANTIFIQUE costs this cheap.

The Beauty by Earth jade roller provides you with a pleasant sensory experience. It is the ideal stress and tension reliever for tense jaws and all the stress that tends to store in the face. The dual head provides an easy way of massaging the cheeks and under the eyes. 

We like that this jade roller is sturdy, and the stone will never pop. The stones glide effortlessly, especially with used with beauty products. This roller is perfect if you want a roller to help moisturizers penetrate deep into the skin. It’s also the best gift idea as it comes in a magnet gift box.

What Is a Jade Roller?

The jade roller originated in Qing Dynasty China as a tool used for acupuncture, gua sha, and administering herbs and other medical treatments. It was a favorite among the royalty elite, who used it to enhance beauty, slow aging and promote physical wellness.

Today, the jade roller is made of a semi-precious gemstone (jade) smoothed and attached to a handle. Jade rollers can also use rose quartz, amethyst, and metals. In addition, you can also use them for the whole body.

How Do Jade Rollers Work?

Jade has an instant cooling effect. When rolled on the face it can soothe irritation, reduce inflammation, loosen up tense muscles, and increase blood circulation. They massage your face tissue leaving the skin radiant and slightly contoured.

Another way that jade rollers work is by draining lymphatic fluid. The work of lymph fluid is moving nutrients and white blood cells all over the body. It also excretes toxins. Unlike blood that moves well on its own, lymph fluid tends to get stuck, leaving you puffy. A jade roller can move the stagnant lymph fluid out of your face resulting in less puffiness.

Best Way to Use Jade Roller

The idea behind a jade roller is to brighten skin and remove puffiness. So, first things first – never use a jade roller with makeup on. It would push the dirt and makeup deeper into your skin. While there’s no universal or best way to use a jade roller, we have found the following steps ideal to follow when using a jade roller.

  • Start with a clean face. Apply some face oil or serum. It’s also possible to use a roller without applying anything.
  • Begin at the center of the face and roll the tool outwards across the cheeks using the large end of the roller.
  • Move to the forehead and start at the eyebrows rolling outward in each direction. You can work the right side of the forehead and then move to the left side.
  • Move to your lower lip and glide downwards across the chin.
  • For under the eyes and other delicate areas, use the small end of the jade roller.

Best Time to Use Jade Roller

Morning and evenings are the best time to use a jade roller. Since jade rollers promote calmness, you can use one when feeling stressed at any time or to prepare for a long day in the morning. In addition, you can use jade rollers to help products such as hyaluronic acid to penetrate better for age-defying results.

Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller instantly gives you a natural glow. Authentic jade produces great results. It’s a testament that a low-tech skincare tool can have great results on the face.

Special Mentions

While we’ve covered the best jade rollers on the market. However, more options deserve honorable mention.

BAIMEI Jade Roller & Gua Sha: This rose quartz roller costs under $20. Although it will glide on the skin, it does not stay cool. Hence, we do not believe it’s an authentic jade roller.

Skin Gym Jade Crystal Facial Roller: We like this jade roller since it gives you a relaxing facial massage. However, it squeaks too much, so it’s not the best quality for long-term use.

Daily Concepts Daily Jade Facial Roller: This is another good roller for a deep-tissue massage. Nonetheless, it’s not made to last since the stone disconnects from the metal. Guess it’s because it’s pretty cheap at under $15.

Atahana Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set: Atahana is another useful jade roller set. Still, the smaller end does not stand up to regular use since it falls off after one or two uses. The gua sha is one of the reasons why you may like this product because it’s super relaxing.

Eco Tools Mini Rose Quartz Roller: It’s the perfect jade roller for travel due to its small size. Using it without pressing it on the skin is important since the plastic part can pop off, making the stone fall off the handle.

Jade Stone Roller by Revlon Store: This jade roller will remove puffiness and give you a bright look. It’s also cheap but has the disadvantage of not being properly polished.

Bian Stone Gua Sha: It’s probably the best gua sha tool for the face, neck, shoulders, and limbs. The price is the only prohibitive feature that could keep you from purchasing this product.

INC.redible Blue Light Protection & De-puffing Under-Eye Jade Roller: This tool feels great under the eyes. It can rejuvenate and tighten the skin, which is why it’s great for under-eye bags. Nevertheless, it doesn’t do much for huge dark eye circles.

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