Good sunglasses don’t have to be pricey. A pair of affordable sunglasses can come pretty close to premium choices, the major difference being durability. But as far as UV protection is concerned, budget options can offer 100% UV and glare protection.

The best affordable sunglasses on our list mean business when it comes to durability, fashion sense, polarization, and UV blocking. Find out which pair appeals to your personal taste.

Best Affordable Sunglasses Reviewed

The SOJOS Classic Aviator sunglasses sharpen your look while blocking 100% UV and UVB rays. The unbreakable metal frame indicates a pair that will go the mile. You can count on polarized lenses to prevent glare for better vision. Hence, you can choose them for biking, hiking, golfing, driving, and more.

The colorful flash-mirrored lenses have impeccable contrast, while the soft anti-allergy silicone nose pads provide comfort for all-day wear. These sunglasses also fit snugly on most faces. And, you get a pouch and microfiber cloth that makes it easy to store and clean your sunglasses.

A pair of polarized sunglasses is important for reducing glare when driving. KALIYADI Polarized eyewear is the best for driving since the glasses are super light. The semi-rimless frame showcases unique architectural lines for more appeal. Besides, they have 100% UV protection from UV400 lenses.

KALIYADI sunglasses will give you a crisp view, especially if you’re driving towards the sun. In addition, they are wide for good coverage that blocks the sun’s rays. The neutral color coating gives you true color perception. We also like the silicone nose pads since they are adjustable for the perfect fit. The screw bolt hinge prevents loose arms, while the reinforced metal handles improve durability.

J+S Classic Aviator sunglasses are the best affordable Aviator sunglasses on the market. They come with polarized UV400 lenses to block 100% of harmful sun rays and filter 99.96% of intense horizontal reflections. The lenses are scratch-resistant, and the frame is available in ash gray, black, and gold frames to match what you’re wearing.

J+S Classic Aviators are fashionable, and you can wear them anywhere. They are quite dark and wide enough to look good, even on wide faces. Besides, the nose pads are adjustable for a better fit. The hard case and a cleaning cloth are a nice touch for a pair of sunglasses that cost under $20.

BOTPOV is the ideal brand for budget sunglasses that don’t look cheaply made. The lenses are in different colors for privacy. Others can’t see your eyes through the lenses. BOTPOV has HD polarized lenses to block sunlight reflection and 100% ultraviolet rays.

You get three pairs of sunglasses that are completely different. You will have a pair of silver, black, or gold frame sunglasses for every occasion. This brand comes with a drawstring pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a small card for testing the polarized lenses. They also include a little screwdriver for adjusting the hinges. Most people love that they fit snugly, and the silicone nose pads don’t catch on the hair when you push them on top of your head.

You barely notice the pair on your face until you take them off. They are perfect for everyday wear, especially on outdoor excursions on the beach or the trails.

The double-bridge frame elevates the SOJOS Retro Round Polarized glasses into a trendy pair. You will like how the slender frame fits in with high-end sunglasses that you can wear them anywhere. Not to mention the sturdiness that doesn’t match the price. You’ll find them comfortable if you have a round or oval face because they are not too large.

This pair is polarized to protect against glare, and the lens has a UV400 rating to block harmful sun rays. These Retro Round Sunglasses also feature durable plastic frames in various colors, solid metal hinges, and European-style nose pads for long-lasting use. Both men and women will find them easy to pair with most casual outfits, and you can use them outdoors in any weather.

SUNGAIT Classic Half Frame Retro Sunglasses are made for ladies who like fashionable pieces to complete a vintage look. These sunglasses are comfortable, sturdy, and look good on various face shapes. They come with HD polarized lenses, and the frames are sleek metal with a matte finish. Still, you will have 100% UV rays protection.

SUNGAIT Retro feature hard but comfortable ear rests. The nose rests perfectly centered and won’t leave nose marks if you wear them for hours. Furthermore, they won’t angle down if you have a prominent nose bridge. Again, SUNGAIT provides a carrying pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a small card to test the lens polarization. They are the perfect pair if you want inexpensive but quality sunglasses.

Are you finding it hard to find truly dark black aviator sunglasses? The LUENX Aviator Sunglasses are dark black and feather-light. You won’t feel them on your face. They provide a crisp, clear view, free from glare, thanks to the polarized UV400 lenses. LUENX Aviator sunglasses also feature a solid metallic frame, while the elastic arm is skin-friendly.

The metal-cored nose pads will be comfortable since the glasses don’t slide down your face. Furthermore, they hold up pretty well in hot weather. The glasses come in a soft-shell case, a storage pouch, and a cleaning cloth. LUENX Aviator Sunglasses are an excellent value for money considering the budget price.

Aviators are badass, and they can boost your cool factor. This Good Vibrations pair comes with a gold frame in a classic style. They feature a curved nose bridge, so they will stay put throughout all activities. The tortoise temple tips add extra detail and some edge to your outfit.

You also get adjustable nose tips for that extra comfort. Whether driving or taking a walk in the park, these sunglasses will block the sun and filter out any glare. They match oval and heart face shapes, so no worries about looking too narrow on your face.

When you pick sunglasses from Classic Timber, you’re sure to stand. This brand offers sunglasses in various sizes, and this pair can accommodate most faces. The Deep Timber polarized sunglasses have a matte wood frame for impeccable durability, while the metal hinges ensure they never become loose.

You’ll love the polarized shatter-resistant grey lenses since they offer 100% UV protection. The grey tint provides a nice contrast when viewing bright outdoor scenes such as the sunset or a sunny beach at noon. Lastly, these sunglasses have a limited lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Classic Timber will replace lost or damaged sunglasses under this warranty.

Kent Wang Aviator Sunglasses are another pair of value-conscious eyewear for anyone who wants classic accessories. They are built on a metallic frame but are comfortable for all-day wear. The frame is sturdy, and the welds are clean. In addition, grey lenses are polarized to fight glare.

The lens shape is a bit squarer to add contrast to a round face. These sunglasses come in a standard 54mm lens, 145mm temple, and a 21mm bridge that fits most round faces. Kent Wang has a 60-day return policy, so if they don’t fit as desired, you can ask for a refund.

How to Choose Affordable Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory. They provide UV protection, especially if you stay out on bright sunny days. Here are the features to look for in a pair of pocket-friendly sunglasses.

UV Protection

Sunglasses should provide 100% UV protection no matter the price. Look for labels that indicate 100% UV protection or have UV400 lenses for UV and UVB absorption. Remember that color, darkness, and lens material do not contribute to UV absorption. Only a claim of UV protection can assure you that the sunglasses block out ultraviolet light.

Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays a role in the way the sunglasses will look on you. For example, if you have a round face, you will look good in square-shaped sunglasses or a cat-eye frame that adds contrast to your face.

For those with a square face, you’ll like a pair that softens your face angles, such as classic aviator or ’90s inspired round shape sunglasses. Geometric and round sunglasses look good on heart-shaped faces, while diamond faces agree with round or rimless options. Lastly, if you have an oval face, you’re in luck because your face agrees with most, if not all, sunglasses frames.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses protect against glare and are especially useful for driving toward the sun, water sports, or spending time on the beach. However, polarization does not provide UV protection. Rather, it gives you a better visual experience.

Lenses Quality

In affordable sunglasses, you can choose either plastic or glass lenses. Glass lenses are usually scratch-resistant and have the clearest vision. However, they tend to be heavier than plastic options, which are light and durable. Most budget sunglasses have plastic lenses because they are cost-effective.

Frame Quality

Plastic is the least expensive in cheap sunglasses. We don’t recommend going for a plastic frame since the glasses will look cheaply made. Metallic frames strike a balance between quality and affordability. On the other hand, you may find blended nylon plastic frames that are lightweight and flexible. The bottom line is to check for corrosion resistance and comfort so they don’t dig into your skin.

SOJOS Classic Aviator provides full UV400 protection while balancing price and features.

We picked the SOJOS Classic Aviator sunglasses as our top choice for their comfort, protection, and fashion aspect. These sunglasses are universally comfortable, making them the perfect addition to your accessories.

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