Choosing good-quality hair straighteners is non-negotiable if you want sleek, healthy, and frizz-free hair. With just a single pass, you can easily achieve a look that will turn heads on the street and reduce your trips to the salon.

But with the increase in hair straightener brands, finding a model that will do justice to your hair can be quite overwhelming. There are several factors you need to consider to make an informed purchase.

The good news is that you can be clear about which model to choose between the thousands available. After hours of intensive research, we came up with these hair straighteners and flat irons that won’t fry your hair. Whether you are in the market for a high-end product or one that won’t break the bank, this article has something for you. 

10 Best Hair Straighteners Reviewed

You can never go wrong with the GHD Platinum+ Styler 1″ flat iron if you suffer from damaged hair. Good Hair Day (GHD) has added this product to its Platinum collection, and it is easy to see why it is a favorite for professional and celebrity hairstylists.

This flat iron model warms up to 365 degrees C, helping you achieve sleek hair in just a few strokes. As with some flat iron models, it maintains this steady temperature to protect your hair from heat damage. It can be a turn-down if you prefer adjustable temperature settings for more versatility.

It is easy to achieve even styling since heat is equally distributed on the plates. The heat-up time is just 20 seconds faster than most hair straighteners, not to mention the 30-minute auto shut-off feature, which prevents further damage.

It is also designed with super smooth plates that measure one inch and work well for curly and straight hair. What’s more, you will achieve better results for your curly hair with the rounded edges of this flat iron. 

Dyson is renowned in the hair industry for its outstanding products, and the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener is no exception. This product is worth buying if you want a straightener that does less damage your hair while still getting the job done.

Thanks to its flexible plates constructed from manganese copper alloy. Hence, you can be assured that your hair will experience 50% less breakage. Furthermore, it provides three heat settings and a maximum temperature of 210 degrees C.

Besides the notable pink color, something else that is impressive about this straightener is its cordless design. Not only does this make storage easy, it also allows you to achieve that salon-quality look on the go. Additionally, the charge time is quick, and it only takes 70 minutes to get fully recharged. 

This straightener can be a great investment if you don’t mind breaking the bank for something out of the ordinary.

Anyone with fine and smooth hair will most likely appreciate the heat versatility of this flat iron. The product features nine heat settings to choose from, depending on the texture of your hair, length, and color treatment. 

The temperature setting is digitally-controlled, and you can easily achieve the perfect look for ultra-smooth and fine hair with the intuitive smart-touch display. It lowers the chances of damaging your hair while the Ion generators smooth frizz and enhance the shine.

Better still, the flat iron has been designed with a smart microchip that helps to maintain consistent temperature during use. It checks for any heat fluctuations, eliminating the struggle of finding the right temperature. 

It includes ceramic plates that measure 1 inch. Nevertheless, there is still another option that comes with 1.5” plates. With the thermotouch tech, you will achieve shiny and smooth hair with less frizz in just one pass.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools can get the job done perfectly for undamaged hair. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also easy to use and manage and has exceptional quality. It does not damage hair, and the heat settings are adjustable to the desired range.

The ceramic plates measure one inch, and you can use this device for straightening and curling. The flat iron smoothens frizzy hair and can also straighten very curly hair. 

This hair straightener offers the best combo for straightening, waving, and curling. It is what you need when you want a tool that can get it all done without sacrificing quality.

For its features and functionality, this flat iron is affordable. It is perfect for all hair types owing to the four heat settings that can heat up to 440 degrees C. The titanium plates warm up quickly and deliver even heat starting from the root to the tip of the hair.

You will get perfectly straightened hair and enhanced shine because this device boasts iconic technology. There is also an auto-shut feature for peace of mind. Also included in this package is a heat protectant spray for better results. 

The plates measure 1.25 inches, and the cord comes at 9 feet. On the downside, it may take a while to get used to utilizing the power button to change the temperature. 

As the name may already suggest, your hair will lock in more moisture after using this moisture maintenance styler. This straightener is designed with cuticle-smoothing negative ions that help lock in moisture without compromising its straightening functionality.

Another unique spec of this styler is the tourmaline floating plates. These high-tech plates offer more coverage during heating for optimal results. It is also quite easy to use and doesn’t take long to heat up. In the end, it will smoothen out your hair, reduce frizz, and give it a silky look. 

This hairstyling iron from CHI comes at a reasonable price than most products on this list. It features a sleek design and is quick and easy to use. 

A unique spec that makes it stand out is the quick heat-up time. In just 60 seconds, this iron can heat up to a maximum temperature setting of 425 degrees C, which is impressive if you want to heat up thick, long hair. Better still, it has an auto-shut-off feature that shuts it off after detecting one hour of inactivity. With this safety feature, you will reduce the chances of damage and fire risks.

Another one from GHD is this 1-inch flat iron, known for its quality and durable plates. It comes at an affordable price and packs useful features that will give you value for money. Most people also love its ease of use and quick heat-up time.

It features single-zone ceramic technology pre-set to warm up to 365 degrees C. This temperature is safe for hair and will not cause any damage. It is built to give curly and wavy hair sleek, shiny, and smooth look thanks to the sleek rounded shape. The floating ceramic plate has a smooth gloss coating that boosts shine.

The flat iron comes in a compact design, and you can easily bring it on the go for quick touch-ups when you are running errands. To add to the travel-friendly design is a silicone head that protects the plates when moving from one place to another. Heat-up time is 30 seconds, and the device automatically turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

Designed with 2x shine-enhancing technology, there is no denying that this REMINGTON hair straightener is arguably the best option for smooth hair with radiant shine. It gives up to 50% more shine hair, and the smooth ceramic plates can achieve up to 68% smoother hair.

The 2 inches wide plates are ceramic coated and have a floating design that delivers even pressure for a smooth glide. The plates have more ceramic and are infused with protein-rich keratin, micro conditioner, and Argan oil. The result is even, consistent heat that reduces frizz, leaving your hair shinier, smoother, and healthier. 

It is available in champagne and rose gold colors and works wonders for all hair types. There are three LED heat settings, cool tip, bristles, and auto shut-off. You will also get to enjoy one-pass brushing and straightening. 

A straightening comb may not work for everyone, but this TYMO comb stands out for anyone with looser curves. It is a combo of a straightener and a comb, giving you the best of both worlds. Although much like the traditional hot comb, this straightener is much safer because it features an outer shell covering. Hence, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself with hot teeth.

You can choose the right temperature for your hair from the five temperature settings available. Heating takes just 20 seconds, and you can get your desired look quickly. A protective glove is included in the purchase to protect those with sensitive hands. 

It’s recommended not to use the gloves directly on a hot plate. If you still need to turn off the straightener comb after use, it will automatically turn off. 

How to Choose Hair Straighteners

Several factors are worth considering when selecting the best hair straightener for your need. Here is what to look out for when out shopping. 

The Plates

Hair straighteners come with different kinds of plates; the best plate will depend on your type of hair. For instance, ceramic plates are ideal for fine hair since they are gentler and heat more evenly. It also does well for afro and 3C and 4C curl hair by doing less damage. On the downside, these plates also take longer to warm up and may be prone to chipping.

Metal plates, on the other hand, heat up quickly and can cause heat damage if not supervised. As a result, they do well for thick hair and locs. Also, they are more expensive than ceramic plates. However, if you want the best of both straighteners, consider buying models with ceramic-coated plates. These plates are constructed from metal and have a ceramic layer. 

The Plate Size

Something else to consider is the size of the plate. The right size plate greatly depends on the length of your hair. Generally, straighteners with wide heating plates work best for longer hair, while smaller plates give long-lasting results for shorter hair.

Iconic Technology

This technology is useful for neutralizing positive charge that causes hair strands to repel each other. It does this by smoothing the hair strands down, which helps reduce snags, frizz, and flyaways. 

Temperature Settings

Before committing to a hair straightener, make sure that you double-check the temperature setting. Straighteners with varied temperature settings are preferred over their counterparts because they are flexible, and you can choose the most suitable temperature based on your hair or preferred look.

Additional Accessories

Opt for straighteners with additional accessories to get value for your money and enjoy an optimal experience. Accessories like gloves, heat mats, and more add more value when considering a hair straightener.

Although on the expensive side, there is no denying that GHD Platinum+ Styler 1″ Flat Iron takes the win for the best hair straightener on our list. It is a high-quality product with super smooth plates measuring one inch and works well for curly and straight hair.

The heat-up time is just 20 seconds faster than most hair straighteners. Another reason to buy it is the 30-minute auto shut-off feature which prevents further hair damage.

Special Mention

Along with the ten hair straighteners mentioned above, other products in the market are worth mentioning for various reasons. They include;

Ghd Max Styler 2-Inch Wide Plate Flat Iron– This flat iron’s 2-inch wide plates offer maximum hair coverage and lower the risk of frizz and damage. It works best when you want a professional look for thick and long hair. The heating is even and can go up to 365 degrees F, lowering the chances of heat damage.

Revlon Double Straight Copper Ceramic Dual Plate Hair Straightener– Our list of the best hair straighteners will only be complete by mentioning the Revlon Double Straight hair straightener. While it may not be eye-pleasing, it features dual copper and ceramic plate that straightens and reinforces the straightening. It can heat up to 445 degrees for frizz-free hair. 

CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron- This flat tourmaline iron by CONAIR has a whooping 30 settings and can heat evenly up to 455 degrees C. It can create volume, reduce frizz, and boost shine for wavy, sleek, and other types of hair. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up and is equipped with extra-long ceramic floating plates. Plus, it is extremely affordable. 

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush– This is a hot air brush and hair dryer in one. The oval brush design helps to smooth the hair by detangling it, and it also has round edges for increasing hair volume. You have up to 3 heat settings to choose from for the ultimate styling flexibility.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron– This product is equipped with titanium plates that deliver even heat distribution without hot spots. It is crafted to serve all hair types, with the negative ions giving you smooth and shiny hair. This mini flat iron allows heating up to 430 degrees C for the ½ inch model, while the 1-inch model can go up to 440 degrees C. It is compact and easy to store during travels.

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