Are you looking to upgrade your car’s tires? With a bewildering array of tire brands, sizes, and types, it’s easy to get confused. We’ll help you find the right ones for your car so it can tackle any weather. Whether you’re looking to make a switch to a different model or keep the type of tires you have, we’ve considered various brands with the best offerings.

This best tire brands review takes you through ten of the best manufacturers on the market. We’ve looked into consumer ratings and own research before presenting them. These are the top options to consider when thinking about new tires for your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Tire Brands for 2023

Top Tire Brands Reviewed

Michelin is perhaps the most renowned tire brand in the world. Its popularity stems from its high-quality tires in virtually every category. The company has an incredible track record for the 125 years it has been in business.

Michelin tires use innovative technology, the best materials, and impeccable manufacturing processes. Their tires also guarantee fuel efficiency and offer unmatched safety standards. Owing to these features, you can expect a higher price tag on their tires than other brands.

Some top-performing Michelin tires include the CrossClimate 2 luxury performance touring tires. These all-weather tires are 3PMSF snow traction certified and have 60,000 miles and a 6-year warranty. The CrossClimate SUV/Crossover tires are also 3PMSF snow traction certified and come with a 6-year and 50,000 miles limited warranty.

Michelin provides great snow-handling tires with long-lasting treads and are fuel-efficient. They have a 6-year, 40,000 miles warranty. You can also pick the Latitude Alpine SUV/Crossover tire for excellent icy road traction with 25,000 miles 6-year warranty.

This company also has a premier family of tires, sport-performance tires, and fuel-efficient tires. Their prices range from around $338 to $900 per tire. As you can Michelin is not a cheap brand. For this reason, you will enjoy a long-lasting performance, sustainability, acoustic, and self-seal technologies, among others. With tires that look better and perform better than the rest, Michelin tires are to covet.

Goodyear is a household name and is the ideal brand if you’re looking for tires from a familiar name. with a motor racing heritage, this brand’s tires are known for safety and reliability. In nine categories, you will find tires for cars, trucks, performance, and off-road tires with high consumer ratings.

Goodyear aims for a smooth, quiet, and refined ride with the Assurance line. The Eagle promises ultra-winter grip and precision handling, while the Wrangler aims at off-roading. This company also makes original equipment (OE) and replacement tires to meet your specific model manufacturer’s specifications or complement your car’s capabilities with Goodyear replacements.

This brand makes tires for luxury brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Maserati, Nissan, Ferrari, and Landover. It speaks to the brand’s quality and durability. Moreover, you get a 30-day money-back warranty, a 2-year/24,000 miles auto service warranty, and tread life warranties of up to 80,000 miles.

Goodyear tires are also affordable, ranging from $80 to $150 per tire. For example, if you choose the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife model for your 2017 Toyota Camry, it will cost you $136.99 per tire or $550 for a complete set.

Goodyear is the best pick for durable tires, especially if you’re looking for all-terrain vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks. It has mostly positive reviews, so you rest assured of great satisfaction.

Continental is a multinational tire company and an exceptional all-season tire manufacturer for drivers looking for touring, performance, or standard all-season tires. Their price range is generally more affordable than Michelin models. The company boasts a strong industry reputation and a focus on safety and eco-friendly models.

Continental has some award-winning technologies in its bag. These include the SportPlus technology for professional race cars to provide, better grip on wet roads, responsive handling, and extended treadwear life. Its EcoPlus technology is found in PureContact and ProContact tires. This technology aims at fuel and wear efficiency by combining elements that help to improve fuel efficiency and tire wear.

Continental makes tires with impressive braking, optimum safety, and smooth rides. If you have a fast and upscale ride in Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Maserati, it’s likely factory fitted with Continental tires. The brand also has original and replacements for other brands such as General Motors, Ford, and Volvo.

The tread-life warranties are up to 90,000 miles, ranging from $55 to $197 per tire. If you’re looking for tires that utilize leading-edge technology to enhance performance and durability, it’s got to be Continental.

Bridgestone is the world’s largest tire manufacturer. This Japanese company also leads in tire innovation and design. Their best-ranking tires are winter and run-flat tires, while other lines are good but not unique. Nevertheless, Bridgestone is not the most affordable due to its cutting-edge technologies.

Bridgestone has a wide range of tires. Its Potenza line is designed for sports and high-performance vehicles to offer impressive grip and exceptional wet performance for the ultimate handling and performance. Blizzaks are the tires to bite into the snow, while Turanza are touring tires that absorb road noise. The DriveGuard Run-Flat allows you to drive with a flat tire at 50mph for up to 50 miles.

Some of the most popular Bridgestone tires are the Dueler H/L Alenza all-season tires. These are symmetric double-layered tires for SUVs and light trucks. The Blizzak WS80 have zig-zag sipes for icy roads handling. Potenza RE980AS are high-performance tires with asymmetric tread, full-depth sipes, lateral slots, and a stiff sidewall for a high-contact drive.

You can expect to pay around $127 to $270 per Bridgestone tire. Because of the high price tag, Bridgestone tires have extended tread-life warranties of 65,000 miles on average. It’s a strong option for anyone who wants premium, rubber-quality tires that pass rigorous testing standards.

Cooper Tires is one of the most famous American tire companies. It holds the OE mark for Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen, indicating its quality and reliability for many weather conditions and terrains.

Cooper Tires wins in price since it has some of the most affordable tires. Still, you’ll be able to find a tire for every purpose. For example, the Zeon RS3-G1 is an all-season high-performance tire for sports cars, performance sedans, and sporty coupes. The Cobra Radial G/T is a performance all-season tire for comfortable operation and responsive handling.

Cooper Tires scores well across the board, from the treadwear to the traction and temperature resistance. Their day-to-day tires cost $75 – $85 on average. Nonetheless, large, mud, and snow tires cost significantly more, as some models can cost $475 depending on the vehicle’s specialization, tire type, and size. The highest tread life is 80,000 miles which speak of the tires’ durability.

Cooper Tires is the best tire brand option for affordable replacement tires. All models are designed with safety first for peace of mind.

Pirelli stocks premium tires in various categories. However, it is known for its racing tires, as its models are featured in LaFerrari and McLaren P1 vehicles. The brand also features better all-season tires, and most people with high-end car brands gravitate towards this brand.

Pirelli has four tire families. Its high-performance tires are in the P Zero with outstanding traction and cornering. P Zero tires are good on the track and are ideal if you have a Porsche, BMW, or high-performance sports car. If you want all-season tires, Pirelli stocks them in the Cinturato tire family. The Scorpion family is dedicated to off-roading, while the Sottozero is for snowy weather conditions.

Pirelli tires cost over $100 per piece. It’s in the Michelin tier and some Goodyear models. But that’s because they are highly specialized and often designed for high-end brands. If you don’t mind paying more and are looking for good sports or winter tires, Pirelli tires are the real deal.

General Tire has become synonymous with innovative style and technology. The brand has been around for 107 years, proving it’s a force to reckon with in the tire industry. General Tire boasts remarkable models starting with the Grabber X3 for extreme terrain performance, G-Max AS-05 ultra-high performance, all-season tire, and the AltiMAX RT43 for a quiet and comfortable ride.

General Tire creates tires with solid reliability across all types. Its tires are in the midrange in terms of price. It has also repeatedly revised its models, increasing safety, driving feel, and performance every year. For this reason, you will find modern technologies like StabiliTread to improve tread and ground grip.

General Tires is suitable for drivers who want tires that balance quality and affordability. They cost $95 on average for sedans, $151 for SUVs, and $173 for trucks. It has solid warranties of up to 75,000 miles on some tires. You can delight in the long-wearing tread components, resistance to scuffs, cuts, minor damages, and rigid sidewalls that promise optimum durability.

Dunlop is part of the Goodyear family and is known for high-quality everyday tires. They offer tires for exceptional dry and wet performance, and the brand also has a wide range of specialized tires for every car type or terrain.

The Grandrek line is designed for SUVs and trucks, Direzza is high-performance winter tires, and Signature tires are your everyday tires for comfortable driving. Dunlop also features winter tires in the Graspic line, all-season tires in the SP line, and the SP sporty line caters to sporty coupes, high-end luxury cars, and performance cars.

Dunlop shines in technology innovativeness. Its noise shield technology reduces interior vibrations and cabin noise by 50%. Dunlop’s bead seat system allows precision control as it strengthens the link between the rim and the tire. In addition, Dunlop provides outstanding handling and control thanks to the patented multi-radius tread technology.

Dunlop is the brand of choice for affordable durability. Its warranties stretch up to 75,000 miles in some models. It means you can drive several years before your tires need changing. Price-wise, Dunlop tires start at approximately $85 up to $240 per tire. It’s the best choice for reasonably priced tires with solid warranties.

The Yokohama company was established in 1917 in Japan. It was once the sole supplier of Nissan and Toyota cars, propelling it to one of the leading rubber companies in Japan. Today, Yokohama is a popular and trusted company thanks to its wide variety of tires.

You’ll find tires for passenger cars, high-performance motorsports cars, light trucks, buses, and construction purposes. The brand offers advanced technology and a long, extended warranty for peace of mind. Its all-season tires are the most popular, with a high tread score of 620, and this means it can last more than six times the control used for testing.

Yokohama is also well-known for eco-friendly racetrack tires. The Advan range is perfect for racing, while the Iceguard line is ideal for winter tires. Yokohama has the widest collection of environmentally-friendly tires that still perform well under extreme conditions. Hence if you want tires that meet safety, comfort, eco-friendliness, and impressive selection, you’ll like what Yokohama offers.

BFGoodrich was founded in 1870 in Ohio. Today, its parent company is Michelin, so you can sport some similarities between the brands in terms of quality. Nevertheless, BFGoodrich tires are more affordable than its parent, albeit lacking variety.

BFGoodrich has nine tire series. Their tires have an average tread life warranty of 59,000 and up to 75,000 miles in the most extended tread life warranty. Additionally, its tires are built to handle the roughest terrains while maintaining good road manners. That’s why BFGoodrich tires win the grueling SCORE Baja races.

The BFGoodrich is our top choice brand if you’re looking for tires with rock-climbing abilities, impressive street tires, and overall high-performance tires. You’ll pay about $102 for sedan-sized tires, $169 for SUV-sized tires, and $237 for truck-sized tires. The prices are a bargain compared to Michelin. The limited options is the only quibble in the BFGoodrich brand.

How to Buy the Best Car Tires

Most drivers want to invest in long-lasting tires with extended warranties regardless of brand. However, after you find the best tire brand to consider, there are a few things you need to look into before bagging tires for your ride.

Tire Type

It’s worth it to look into the type of tires on your vehicle. Then, you can proceed to look into your options. But first, it’s essential to match their speed rating and size; then, you can look into models that shine in various categories. For example, summer tires are designed to provide dry and wet weather performance, increase cornering traction, and stop the vehicle at less distance.

All-season tires offer comprehensive capabilities. They provide good weather grip, some snow-handling capabilities, quiet running, and respectable handling. However, they are not the best for snow handling. You’ll need dedicated snow tires for excellent traction on snowy, icy roads.

You can choose between high-performance and grand-touring all-season tires. The former provides better grip, sharper handling, and is sportier. Nevertheless, they sacrifice winter traction. On the other hand, grand touring all-season tires have a lower profile than high-performance models. In addition, they ride better, albeit with some handling inadequacies.

Tread Wear Information

The tread wear rating gives you a good idea of how long the tires will last. You will find this number on the tire’s sidewall after the word “treadwear.” A higher number indicates the tire will last longer than a lower tread wear rating.

Similarly, you can also look into the manufacturer’s tread-life warranty to gauge how long the tires will last. The warranty time is good information since most drivers find that their tires last as long as the time prescribed in the tread-life warranty. You can look up the tread-life warranty on the manufacturer’s website or the tire marker’s marketing items.

Tire Size and Speed Rating

You will find the tire size on your car’s manual or on the sticker on the driver’s door jamb. It will look like this; P215/65R15 95H in passenger tires or 35×12.50R17LT in high-flotation tires. In the first tire number, the tire type is indicated by the P at the beginning, which means passenger tires. The LT in the second set shows those are light truck tires. The first three digits after P are the tire width which in this case is 215mm, and the wheel diameter is the number after R, which is 15 inches in diameter.

In 35×12.50R17LT, the tire diameter is 35 inches, the width is 12.50 inches, and the rim diameter is 17 inches. While you need to match your car’s tire size, you can choose tires with a higher load index, indicated by 95 in the first example, and a higher speed rating, indicated by the letter H in the last part of the tire number. In this example, the letter H-speed rating is a maximum speed rating of 130mph.

Michelin contributes to safety and handling for the most comfortable ride. It’s a brand that keeps improving to cater to the changing needs of every driver.

Michelin is an industry leader in quality, durability, innovation, handling, and overall performance. It also focuses on environmental responsibility. Whether you’re looking for all-terrain, all-season, winter, summer, high-performance, OE, and replacement tires, there’s a Michelin tire for you.

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