Televisions have come a long way in the past 3 decades regarding size, performance, price availability, etc. What was seen as a luxury item 20-30 years ago has become a staple item in most households worldwide. This also means thousands of TVs are flooding the market, and many electronic brands have ventured into producing Android smart TVs. As a buyer, you want a smart tv that fulfills all your desires at a fair price and reliable quality. This article will help you with that because we have selected 5 TVs from Best Buy that boast unbeatable features to choose from. The TVs we have picked are suitable for buyers on different budgets ranging from pocket-friendly Android TVs to extravagant ones.

Top 5 Best Android Smart TVs Review

Hisense has been delivering great TVs over and over in the market, and that’s why it is a contender in our rundown of best android TVs.

It boasts a 65-inch 4K screen with Dolby Vision, meaning you get cinema-quality vision and sound in the comfort of your home. It especially gives users a tremendous nighttime movie experience.

At the price of 950, this Smart TV has everything you want, like google assistant, free Apple TV for three months, and free Fubo tv for a month. These networks are packed with Sports, food, kids, family, and movie channels from all over the world; whatever you are into, you will definitely get here.

It is compatible with significant gaming consoles like PlayStation and the Xbox series. This smart android tv will give you the best gaming experience. Thanks to the top-notch sound and image quality, 1500 nits brightness limit.

This TV comes with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

The A80J series is one of sony’s best TVs in the market. This TV is smaller in size but is very high quality. You can also purchase the larger 75-100 inch version for a higher price tag.

Enjoy premium OLED XR OLED CONTRAST, which adjusts the brightness and images to make it look as realistic as possible. Thanks to the different wide viewing angles, you can enjoy an unbeatable viewing experience from any angle. It also comes with wall mounting brackets.

The best feature of this tv is the free Google TV you get. You can stream your favorite shows, sports channels, and more from all the popular streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu, HBO max, Disney plus, etc. You can also stream shows from your apple devices, thanks to Alexa.

The TV is equipped with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, so you can order it to play shows from other devices and anywhere in your room without finding the remote.

This TV works perfectly with major gaming consoles like the Play station 5 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The A90J series is an upgrade from the A80J series. This TV has the same size range as the A80J series and is similar in its features but with everything being better. It is equipped with Sony’s best-ever OLED TV, bringing your home the brightest and most real image and sound experience. It provides viewers a blur-free experience and a motion-activated backlight, enhancing your TV experience with its super luxury feel.

Its minimalist and stylish design makes it a perfect addition, no matter the aesthetic of your living room or bedroom. It comes with Built-in Google TV and Alexa giving you all the fantastic channels you need. Order your TV to connect to any device you want or change the channel in the comfort of your couch. You also get three free months of Apple TV and different position stands and adjustable viewing angles to fit your preferences of how you want to watch TV.

You can display any show and program in 3 languages; English, Spanish, and French. 

This TV has more USB ports than the other model and is also great for having a superior gaming experience. The TV comes with a 1-year warranty.

This TV has one of the lowest price tags for new Android TVs in the market while still being packed with countless features. It comes with hands-free voice control, so you can order the TV to change brightness, channels, and more just by saying the word.

The TV automatically enters game mode once you connect any game console you want. You will be ready to play all your favorite games in no time. You can also connect to wifi to use your tv to stream anything you want outside what is offered already. Get everything Google TV offers alongside a separate watchlist section so you can save the shows you want to watch later. In addition, it comes with free Fubo and Apple tv for one month and three months, respectively, and one year warranty.

This is the best budget TV on this list. It comes in 65” size and boasts amazing images and sounds, all at a fraction of the price compared to the other contenders. 

 This TV is equipped with a superior 4k resolution with Dolby vision for a premium experience.

It also has hands-free voice control, thanks to google assistant, so you don’t have to look for the remote anymore.

This TV also comes with Auto game mode. It switches to game mode the moment it senses a playing console. It also comes with a simple and practical remote control to make it easy for you to navigate through your channels and shows. Like the TCL 6-series, you get Google TV, the choice to add shows to your watchlist, and free Apple TV and Fubo for three months and one month, respectively.

What to look into when you want to buy an Android TV:


You should carefully pick the size of the TV to fit well in your living room or Bedroom. 

TV Stand

Some users like to hand their TV on the wall while others like it on a small shelf or the floor. Based on that, you can pick a TV with the right stand. 


You should have your priorities listed before buying an Android TV. Some android TVs have built-in Alexa, while others provide Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, there are TVs built specifically for gamers that are compatible with popular gaming consoles, have a lower input tag, a bandwidth that passes 4k 120 Hz signal, and has way better dark room vision. Other buyers would want a TV that packs the most amount of streaming channels, etc.

Screen quality

Usually, 4k TVs are budget friendly but have a lower screen quality. LCD and LED TVs are best if you are looking for excellent screen quality but at an affordable price. OLED TVs are in the higher price range providing the crispest and life-like visuals. They give you a crisp, clear visual experience, so if that is what you want in an Android TV, they are the right pick.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Android tv and Google tv?

The main difference between the two is their operating system. Android TV operates on the Android platform like other Android devices (tablets, phones, etc.), while Google tv operates on Chrome OS. Android provides more user flexibility because you can connect any device and use it on the TV. Google TVs, on the other hand, provide a lot of channels to choose from. And also lets you have a more personalized user experience getting tailored recommendations, the option of saving shows you want to watch, etc. Google TV is an advanced version of Android TVs because it still does run on the Android operating system.

Are all these TVs suitable for gaming?

Yes, all these smart TVs work perfectly with gaming consoles.

Do all these TVs support Amazon Alexa?

No, only the Sony TVs have a built-in Amazon Alexa. The rest have google assistant only.

All five TVs are a solid choice and would definitely not disappoint you. However, our favorite pick has to be the TCL- 65″ Class 5-Series. Although TCL is a relatively new brand in the market, customer reviews have been excellent regarding the TVs they put on the market hence why they are now contending with the Top Android TVs manufacturers. Its TVs come equipped with the most amazing features the other TVs have but at a fraction of the price.

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