Many floor experts would have you believe that tiles are maintenance-free. While they are considerably easy to maintain, the truth is that you can quickly end up with a sore back cleaning them. The abundance of tile cleaners on the market does not make it any easy.

With so many brands touting to be the best, navigating the cleaning industry is a science on its own. Not to worry, though! We’ve lined up the best floor tile cleaners for every homeowner. 

Whether you have porcelain and ceramic or unsealed marble, granite, and limestone, there’s a cleaning solution for every tile type. This article also considered biodegradable and safe cleaners for you, your kids, and your pets.

Best Tile Cleaners and Stain Removers Reviewed

The Bona Hard Surface Cleaner is one of the most sought-after tile cleaners on the market. All thanks to its streak-free formula that leaves sealed porcelain and ceramic floors bright and residue-free. This PH-neutral cleaner maintains your tile floor finish, so you never have to worry about it drying with a splotchy pattern.

We particularly like that Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner is water-based. As such, it is safe around kids and pets. In addition, it dries super fast, meaning you won’t deal with foot marks after cleaning the floor. The plant-based ingredients pick up dirt, dust, and embedded stains. All you need to do is apply the ready-to-use solution, use some elbow grease, and watch as it lifts grime.

Bona Hard Floor Surface Cleaner is unscented. Therefore, if you’re sensitive to chemical smells, you don’t have to think twice about this product.

The only thing we don’t like is using it in a robot mop since you’ll need a funnel or measuring cup to avoid spills. Otherwise, Bona Hard Surface Cleaner is the best choice for homeowners looking for a no-wipe, water-based cleaner that restores the shine of porcelain and other tiles like ceramic and non-porous hard floors.

Do you have grout that is beyond help? We understand that grout can be the bane of your existence. Grout is porous, so it stains easily from food and liquid. Thus, if you’re looking for a professional strength cleaner for stubborn grout stains, it’s got to be the Grout-Eez Super Heavy-Duty Grout Cleaner.

It removes dirt and grime from sealed tiles and returns grout to its original color. All it takes is one use to take years of grime off the grout. Apply this liquid formula to the grout, let it sit for 10 minutes, and attack the stains with a toothbrush or small nylon brush.

This product is efficient on grout lines that diminish the beauty of your tile flooring. Nonetheless, you’ll have to arm yourself with a degreaser and hot, soapy water since it leaves a greasy residue. But for grease that is more than moderately dirty, nothing beats Grout-Eez Super Heavy-Duty Grout Cleaner.

Floors bear the brunt of foot traffic. And if you’re looking for a tile cleaner for quick cleaning, you’ve got to choose the Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Cleaner Solution. This product is a simple mopping liquid for dissolving dirt and sticky messes.

Moms love this cleaner since it’s pre-mixed, dries quickly, and leaves a nice fresh scent. Again, the Swiffer WetJet is ideal for sealed tiled floors. It will work great on porcelain, ceramic, and sealed marble. Additionally, it works well with the Swiffer WetJet mop. 

Swiffer WetJet Multipurpose Cleaner is ready to clean when you are. Turn the bottle upside down in the mop until you hear it click. It comes in four scents available to leave your home smelling fresh. Moreover, the large 84.4-ounce bottle covers a large area. It’s such a valuable tile cleaner, and you can put it on auto-send when you buy online, so you never run out of your best floor tile cleaner.

Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Wash is a must-have for deep-cleaning your tiled floor kitchen. This commercial-grade cleaner is all-natural, meaning it’s safe around you, your kids, and your pets. We find the vinegar smell a bit overpowering. Nonetheless, it dissipates quickly, and the underlying scent remains.

You’ll like that Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Wash breaks down food, grime, grease, and paw prints. A little solution goes a long way since you must dilute a half cup in two gallons of water. Given that this bottle has 32 ounces of cleaning liquid, you won’t be going back to the store any time soon.

As mentioned, this product has zero harsh chemicals. Therefore, you’re good to use it on countertops, walls, and any tiled surface. Furthermore, it does not leave streaks or a sticky residue, so there’s no need to rinse it off. Use it with mop buckets, sprays, and floor scrubbers for stress-free sealed tile cleaning.

Have you ever used a tile cleaner only to have it discolor the floor? This happens when you use tile cleaners that dissolve in porous tiles such as marble, slate, granite, and limestone. But with the Black Diamonds Stoneworks Marble and Tile Cleaner, you never have to think twice about clouding and haze formation on tiles.

Black Diamonds Stoneworks Marble and Tile Cleaner lifts dirt and dissolves tough stains without damaging unsealed tile surfaces. It is a highly-concentrated, no-rinse product that protects beautiful stone surfaces. This cleaner also removes scum, grease, soap, and oils. Hence, it’s an excellent floor cleaner for shower tiles.

If you’ve had problems with grout, try this product. It is 100% biodegradable and safe around pets. Moreover, it is very economical as its effects last long. You will love working on your floors and perhaps even look forward to it.

An all-natural mopping solution in an industry laden with cleaning chemicals is a pleasant surprise. The Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner is ideal for homeowners keen on the chemicals in their cleaners. You’ll be happy to know this product uses corn and coconut as its main ingredients to break down food, grease, dirt, and grime.

Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner works on sealed marble, porcelain, and ceramic. It is not your everyday cleaner since it works better than other tile cleaning agents. This product will leave your floor smooth without tackiness. In addition, it leaves a residue-free, streak-free floor, albeit a little hazy. So, you may need to dilute it if you notice haziness on the tile.

This product does not contain petroleum, VOCs, or alkylphenol surfactants. It is a gentle and potent cleaner that leaves a fresh citrus scent. The scent lingers for about an hour, and a hint of freshness remains. It removes pet odors while being kind to asthmatics and anyone sensitive to chemical smells. Don’t gamble with your tiled floor; get this effective cleaner for your peace of mind.

If you’re out for a multi-surface cleaner that goes from the floor to walls and countertops, Mr. Clean is your ideal cleaning solution. This product contains ingredients that break up stains, particularly on tiled floors with heavy foot traffic. It also cuts grease, removes grime, and eliminates odors with the help of Febreze.

Mr. Clean is ideal for porous and non-porous floors. It is a powerful multi-surface cleaner that’s safe on marble, granite, linoleum, chrome, and nickel. The product works fast without the need for rinsing afterward. Not to mention, it provides long-lasting results. 

While we love the powerful cleaning action of Mr. Clean, it’s important to note that this product is NOT non-toxic. It uses harsh chemicals; thus, you’ll need to clean in a well-ventilated area. Thankfully, you only need a ¼ cup for a gallon of water. Mr. Clean is the best-value floor tile cleaner that works all over the house.

Whether or not you have polished or honed tiled floors and surfaces, Miracle Sealants TSC6QT works wonders for the job. This product is tough on stains and gentle on natural stone, marble, granite, and other tiled floors that require extra cleaning care. The cleaner is PH-neutral to protect the finish and prevent the tile and grout from discoloring.

Miracle Sealants TSC6QT is easy to use. You can choose from the concentrate or ready-to-use formula for extensive coverage of 1,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. per gallon. Furthermore, it is non-toxic, and you can use it around kids and pets. You’ll like that it has no strong odor and that you can use it for daily tile cleaning.

With this product, you are guaranteed stain-free, residue-free, and streak-free natural stone surfaces. When mixed with hot water, it can agitate difficult stains like coffee, grease, oils, and fats. This product requires a little soaking for 5 – 15 minutes for extra dirty stains. However, you will need to rinse the floor thoroughly after use.

Ultimately, Miracle Sealants TSC6QT is a powerful solution for delicate tile surfaces. It is an affordable option when you have different tiled surfaces in your home.

Zep Neutral PH Floor Cleaner is a popular option among homeowners. It is a reasonably priced solution that maintains the polish on tiles without removing its protective coating. Zep will clean and restore the shine on marble, granite, stone, and vinyl floors.

As a neutral PH floor cleaner, Zep is ideal for everyday use. It works well with a damp mop or an automatic floor scrubber. It produces little foam, and there’s no need to rinse it after use. You will still need to dilute an ounce of the concentrate for each gallon of water.

Zep, when diluted, yields double and perhaps triple the cleaning solution while producing impeccable results. You’re not only getting superior cleaning, but it also saves you money. Thus, if you want the most affordable and long-lasting floor cleaner, pick the Zep Neutral PH Floor Cleaner.

If you have luxury vinyl flooring or porcelain plank tiles, we’re sure you love their timeless look. And for that, the Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer is our top pick if your floor needs polishing. This product is a mop-on solution that adds the shine and polish you require for your floors.

The 32-ounce bottle covers an area of 525 sq. ft., which means it can handle cleaning many rooms. It can eliminate scratches without the need for sanding. In addition, it dries super quick, so you can go back to walking on the floor without leaving marks in an hour. This product leaves a high-gloss finish that resists stains.

Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer provides the best finish for hazy-tiled hardwood floors. If you’ve used a cleaner that removed the polish, this product will have your floors come back to life, and you’ll be wondering why you’ve never tried it before.

Best Tile Cleaner Buying Guide

Knowing how to clean tiles and the right product for your specific needs can save you from expensive restoration or replacement. This is why it’s vital to know your cleaning agent.

Before picking the first solution that pops up after a simple online search, check out these details on what to look for.

Understand the Different Types of Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are relatively low maintenance, while granite, marble, slate, and limestone require specific cleaners and individualized care. It would be best if you have a residue-free and streak-free porcelain and ceramic cleaner. It could also have mild acid like lemon juice or vinegar since it will remove grime without leaving a hazy film.

Marble, granite, slate, and limestone require a cleaner specific to these surfaces. This is because they tend to absorb the cleaner, which can be detrimental to the finish. Thus, a neutral PH cleaner is the best option for these floor types.

Cleaner Types

Tile cleaners are available as liquids or gels. You can use liquids in a spray bottle since they often don’t need to be diluted. On the other hand, gel cleaners require diluting and can go a long way. However, a foam solution is ideal for cleaning tiles on a wall since it can stay on the wall and work on the grime.


You can apply the cleaner by spraying, squirting, or wiping. When choosing a tile cleaner, ensure it applies to your preferred method. Some tile cleaners must be rinsed with clean water, while others can be wiped without rinsing. Moreover, some cleaners are ideal for floor scrubbers, while others do better with a mop and bucket.


Cleaners can be multi-purpose in that they clean floors and countertops, while others are multi-surface solutions. The latter is ideal for different types of tiles. In addition, you can use some tile cleaners for everyday grime while others are deep cleaners for once-in-a-while uses. Therefore, it’s better to stay on top of why before choosing a tile

What Grout Cleaning Mistakes Are You Making?

Grout cleaning can be tough. Don’t make these mistakes when cleaning grout.

Using a Colored Cleaner

A colored cleaner is as bad as a dirty mop for grout. Grout is a porous surface that will absorb cleaning solutions or dirty water. Thus, it will end up dingy and discolored, impacting the overall beauty of your tiles.

Using Vinegar

Straight-up using vinegar is acidic and will dissolve the cementitious mortar or top layer of grout. Therefore, you will need to re-grout sooner.

Using Bleach

While bleach is a powerful cleaner, it will erode the grout and cause discoloration. The grout will be inconsistent in color and finish, which will take away the beauty of your tiled floors.

What’s the Best Method for Cleaning Tiled Floors?

Cleaning tiled floors is relatively straightforward with the right cleaning solution and proper method. Here’s the best method for cleaning tiles.

Step 1 – Sweep the Floor

No matter the type of tiles you have, the first step to cleaning is sweeping the floor. Dirt granules can etch marks on the floor. Hence, it’s best to sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt.

Step 2 – Damp Mopping

Damp mopping is better than wet mopping since it can lead to a dingy appearance. Moreover, tap water can leave minerals that can discolor the tile. So, use a damp mop to clean the tiles with the ideal solution for your tiled floor.

Step 3 – Take Care of Penetrating Stains

If your tiles have stains that won’t disappear after mopping, it’s time to take out the big dogs. To this end, use a flexible nylon brush to scrub the tiles and the grout.

Step 4 – Rinse Where Necessary

Rinse the floor with clean water if you’re using a cleaner that needs wiping. It’s also ideal for rinsing a floor with dirty swirls after scrubbing.

Step 5 – Buff to Dry

Letting your tiles air dry can lead to a dull appearance due to water stains. After damp mopping, use a buffer to dry your tiled floor.

Perfect for porcelain, ceramic, and luxury vinyl tiles. Bona Hard is a must-have for long-lasting cleaning results.

Designed for sealed tiles, Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner is a safe and effective formula for removing dirt and grime. It doesn’t leave streaks or residue, and you can use it on countertops. This water-based solution is rinse-free and dries super fast, so you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying a clean home.

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