Remember the saying, appearance is everything? It never gets old. We all love to look our best when the occasion calls for it – whether it’s an important business meeting, high school reunion, or wedding. 

But if there’s one thing that can completely ruin your look, regardless of how perfect your outfit is, it’s creases and wrinkles. It would be best if you had something to smoothen the outfit while preserving the fabric in such moments. And tada! Clothing steamers to the rescue. 

A clothing steamer is an effortless substitute for conventional ironing. It’s great for clothes that are difficult to press and is the easiest way to de-wrinkle delicate fabrics without damaging them. But besides clothing, it can spruce up many home furnishings, including bed skirts, window treatments, and more. 

So, you need one. So, to help you narrow down your search, we’ve carefully researched and selected the best clothing streamers.

Best Clothing Steamers In The Market Reviewed

One outstanding feature of Sunbeam 1200W Steam Burst Handheld Steamer is its powerful shot of steam which works horizontally or vertically for hanging clothes, upholstery, or drapery. This powerful shot of steam ensures that your clothes and home furnishings look clean and new always.

Additionally, because it produces a lot of steam, it works on thick fabric and completes tasks quickly. With this steamer, you can steam blouses and a suit or lightweight coat. 

What’s more, you can steam several pieces of fabric before the water runs out, thanks to its detachable large water reservoir. And since the water reservoir is detachable, you can easily and quickly refill it in seconds.

Sunbeam 1200W Steam Burst Handheld Steamer makes it easier to de-wrinkle clothes and won’t leave any marks, especially on delicate fabrics and wools. And with the 1200W power, the steamer heats up quickly in 30 seconds. So if you need a quick and efficient clothing steamer,  this clothing steamer is a good option for you!

This Conair clothing steamer performs admirably in many areas, from its design and features to how well it steams clothes. This product is very effective in getting rid of clothing wrinkles. 

It smoothes even the thickest fabrics and most severely wrinkled clothing while eliminating 99.9 percent of dust mites, germs, and bedbugs. This is all thanks to its 1875 Watts’ extreme streaming power. This clothing steamer also has a ready light to alert users when set to work.

The 3-in-1 attachment is another bonus. This attachment comprises a delicate fabric spacer, a silicone band, and a bristle brush. 

The delicate fabric spacer helps in protecting more fragile fabrics, while the silicone band pulls the material taut for easier steaming and better results. On the other hand, the bristle brush loosens fibers for steam to penetrate through for a perfect press, even on heavy fabrics.

Another fantastic feature of this clothing steamer is its convenient LED controls. With this feature, you can select custom settings from supercharged Turbo for heavy fabrics to Low for delicate fabrics. These settings enable you to instantly refresh, remove wrinkles and give your clothes that just-left-the-dry-cleaner look!

Electrolux Portable Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer is another clothing steamer that removes creases efficiently while providing versatile and safe steaming options.

One of the features of this steamer we love is the automatic turn-off detail. Because of this feature, the steamer automatically turns off when not in use, conserving your energy while making user safety its priority. Security and cost-saving wise, this clothing steamer can give you that peace of mind!

With this clothing steamer, you can steam your clothes, hanging them vertically or lying them horizontally. Thanks to the pump steam technology that doesn’t let the product leak or spill. And since it comes with a portable design, you can also take this clothing steamer with you on trips.

The Electrolux Portable Handheld Steamer can steam any fabric in your closet – cotton, wool, silk, fiber, and more. You can also use this clothing steamer for your bedding and curtains.

Another steamer that works quickly and effectively to remove wrinkles from your fabrics is the J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer. Just press the steam head directly on the material while holding the fabric taut with one hand, and voila! Your clothes will be wrinkle-free! 

The J-2000 jiffy garment steamer is perfect for home use and light commercial use. Another significant benefit of this garment steamer is that it performs demanding tasks without taking up much space in your closet.

Additionally, the J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer features a 360-degree caster for easy mobility while working. 

Another appealing feature of this steamer is its large reservoir which is also easy to refill. You can refill the water container in a shallow sink, and this clothing steamer will steam for 90 minutes after each filling. As a result, it guarantees that you work on multiple clothes at once without having to refill the reservoir often.

Besides, you won’t have to wait long for this clothing steamer to heat up. And this is because it can be ready to use in under a minute, guaranteeing that your outfits will be wrinkle-free at just a moment’s notice!

This is an easy-to-use 700W clothing steamer that produces gentle and long-lasting steam. With Hilife Steamer, you won’t have to worry about using it remotely because of the 9-foot power cord that it comes with, which allows you to smoothen your clothes while standing a distance away.

This clothing steamer is also portable, lightweight, and compact enough to fit in any of your suitcases, making it an ideal travel companion. And as far as performance is concerned, this stream gives a solid performance too. It can provide up to 15 minutes of intense and continuous penetrating steam to eliminate wrinkles flawlessly.

The Hilife clothing steamer can work perfectly on any clothes in your closet, regardless of the material. Whether it’s a chiffon top, silk gown, or cotton crop top, Hilife steamer guarantees wrinkle-free clothes!

With the BLACK+DECKER Advanced Handheld Steamer, smoothing out wrinkles from your clothes is easy. With 1400 watts of power and less than a minute preheat time, this clothing steamer provides quick and efficient performance in reducing wrinkles.

It comes with a locking trigger plus three other attachments. This locking trigger allows you to apply steam continuously or in small bursts. On the other hand, the three attachments are included for steaming delicate fabrics and upholstery and lint removal.

This clothing steamer is helpful in many areas. It is perfect for deodorizing and refreshing drapes, bedding, and plush toys. It also comes in handy for steam cleaning hard surfaces that can withstand heat and moisture, like high chair trays and kids’ playground surfaces, as a chemical-free alternative.

The BLACK+DECKER Advanced Handheld Steamer has a 15-foot-long cord,  giving you plenty of reach for steaming bedding and drapes. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about this clothing steamer wasting energy because it is programmed to turn itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Are you looking for a clothing steamer that will sanitize, de-winkle, and remove odors from your clothes? Rowenta X-Cel Handheld Steamer is a good option for you. This clothing steamer works perfectly on wool, poly, rayon, silk, and cotton fabric with improved results, thanks to a cast aluminum heating plate with ceramic coating. It works well on all fabric types and offers 100% safe usage on your clothing.

Another outstanding feature of this steamer is its versatility and safety usage. It quickly steams horizontally, as required for more oversized garments, pet beds, furniture, kid’s toys, and more, without leakage or spitting hot water. 

It also features a self-standing base, a compact trip design, and easy storage. Also known as an always-ready clothing steamer, this clothing steamer is always ready to use and can heat up in just 25 seconds.

Rowenta X-Cel Handheld Steamer also has many convenient features like a 6.4oz removable water tank for extended steaming sessions, easy refills, and an extra 9.84 ft cord for mobility. 

It also has three additional innovative accessories, which offer added ease of use. These accessories comprise a fabric brush for easy use on thick and heavy fabrics, a steam bonnet for delicate fabrics, and a crease attachment for perfect creases on pants and jackets.

The BEAUTURAL steamer comes with a large, transparent detachable water tank for easier filling and provides 15 minutes of uninterrupted steaming for perfect de-wrinkling of clothes. When using this steamer, you will not have to worry about spills or leakage, thanks to the leak-proof design. 

Additionally, this will allow you to steam your clothes, whether they are hanging vertically or horizontally.

Another appealing thing about this clothing steamer is that you can safely use it on all fabric types. You can also use them for your curtains, furniture, toys, and many more. 

Its inclusion of additional attachments, which offer versatile steaming options, is another big perk. These attachments include the lint brush for lint removal, the soft brush for removing visible dust from deep inside clothes, and the creaser for maintaining perfect folds and wrinkles.

The safety and money-saving features of this garment steamer are another appealing quality. When overheated or after eight minutes of inactivity, this steamer turns itself off automatically, saving energy while keeping your home safe. Each steamer cable is also put through a rigorous testing process to ensure the highest level of safety and durability.

With this clothing steamer, you will save valuable time for it to heat up. Just plug in your BEAUTURAL steamer and be ready to steam in 30 seconds or less!

Pure Enrichment® PureSteam™ Pro Upright Clothes Steamer has a superior steam output of up to 1500 watts. This makes it easy to soften, refresh, and de-wrinkle a wide range of fabrics, from clothing to bedding, curtains, upholsteries, and many more. Additionally, the superior steam output will not only smoothen your garments but can also serve as a quick natural disinfectant, keeping your home refreshed at all times!

This clothing steamer also comes with a 2-liter transparent, detachable water, making it easy to see when it needs refilling. Thus, ensuring you steam your clothes or other household fabrics without running out of water. 

Additionally, the detachable tank makes emptying or filling the tank a breeze. All you have to do is detach the tank to refill, and with the tank’s high capacity, you will enjoy a full hour of uninterrupted steaming! 

This steamer has a fabric brush attachment, hanger, telescoping pole, and flexible hose. The versatile hanger with clips holds clothes of various sizes while the fabric brush removes stubborn wrinkles from heavy fabrics. On the other hand, the telescopic pole and flexible hose enable easy height adjustment of the steamer, giving you an easier and more efficient steaming experience!

Conair 2-in-1 Handheld Steamer is an easy-to-use steamer that doubles as an iron for vertical and horizontal use to quickly and easily remove wrinkles. It heats up almost instantly, generating 40 percent more steam, with a 62 percent larger steam surface for quicker smoothing. 

This powerful steamer comes with four illuminated steam settings that treat all kinds of fabric, from smoothing and refreshing delicate ones on Low to removing tough wrinkles on Turbo. You can add the bonus accessories comprising the Delicate bonnet, the creaser, and the 2-in-1 silicone band, plus a bristle brush for a more efficient steam experience.

Additionally, this freestanding steamer also has the added smart sensor safety feature. When the steamer lies on a flat surface, the sensor turns off the steam back on when picked up from the flat surface. 

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Clothing Steamer

With so many options of clothing steamers to choose from, we’ve put together some criteria for easy selection. Here are some of the factors to take into consideration before selecting a clothing steamer to buy:

Continuous Steam Time: If you intend to steam numerous items for a long time, you need a clothes steamer with a longer run time.

Storage Space: Consider how much storage you can afford to spare. You should go for a smaller clothing steamer if you have a small storage space.

Frequency of Use: You should look for additional features like a long cord, a large water tank, and a button to lock in continuous steaming if you plan to use your steamer more often. But if you intend to use it occasionally or for travel, consider getting a light and slim design.

Water Type: Check the website of any steamer you are considering buying to see if there are any suggestions about cleaning instructions to remove any mineral residue and the use of distilled water. Most people use regular tap water, but sometimes distilled water is the best, especially if the tap water is very hard.

Safety: Before emptying and storing your clothing steamer, remember you will have to allow it to cool off in a secure place away from pets and kids. When not in use, steamers that automatically turn off add an extra layer of security to homes with kids and pets.

Our top pick is the Sunbeam 1200W Steam Burst Handheld Steamer. And this is because it provides quick, effective steaming to help eliminate even the most stubborn wrinkles and make you look your best.

This steamer has a strong shot of steam activated by an ergonomic trigger, with vertical and horizontal functionality for hanging drapes or clothes. It also has a double-click feature for an extra burst of steam. The steam setting switch is designed in such a way that it can produce steam with varying strengths according to different fabric needs. 

Another outstanding feature of this steamer is its bright LED temperature-ready light which alerts you when fully heated. Its stand-up-stable design that makes the storage easy in between use is another reason this steamer makes it to our pick list.

This steamer also makes the safety of users its priority, thanks to the auto-off feature. Additionally, it comes with an 8-foot 360° swivel cord that enables freedom of movement while steaming. In addition, it comes with a bristle brush head attachment and an easy-to-fill 250ml detachable water tank allowing for up to 15 minutes of continuous steam.

So if you prefer steaming to ironing, give Sunbeam 1200W Steam Burst Handheld Steamer a try! You’ll surely get the best value for your dollar!

Special Mention

We don’t think this article would be complete without these honorable mentions:

Pure Enrich

ment® PureSteam™ Portable Handheld Garment Steamer: This steamer can remove stubborn wrinkles in clothing, drapery, upholstery, bedding, and tablecloths. It is easy to store and transport and ideal for sanitizing and steaming all fabric types. Another great feature is its safety features, which automatically turn off the steamer when it gets too hot or runs too low on water.

Conair CompleteSteam 1100 Watt Handheld Steamer: With 1100 watts of power, this steamer can produce deep penetrating steam continuously for up to 10 minutes, killing 99.9 percent of bacteria, dust mites, and bedbugs. Additionally, it is portable and lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around the house.

Black & Decker™ HGS011S Easy Garment Steamer: Looking for a steamer that is not up to $50 and can deliver a strong stream for a freshly pressed finish? The Black & Decker Garment Steamer is a good option for you.

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Foldable Handheld Clothing Wrinkles Remover: With its quick 30-second heat-up and strong steam output, this steamer removes wrinkles from all fabric types in no time. It is compact, lightweight, and comes with a storage bag, making it the perfect traveling companion.

SALAV Handheld Clothes Steamer: This comes with a ceramic-coated metal steam panel suitable for various kinds of fabrics, including delicate fabrics that are temperature-sensitive, like silk, lace, and clothing with sequins.

MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer: This steamer heats up in just 25 seconds and can help sanitize and de-wrinkle your clothes for a fresh, crease-free look. It also has an automatic shut-down system that activates whenever the water level is low or when the steamer gets too hot to protect you from every kind of accident.

PurSteam Garment Steamer, Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer: Need to remove wrinkles from pants or long dresses? This all-fabric-friendly steamer got you covered! With just a quick adjustment of the telescoping pole’s height to hang the item at a comfortable height and up to an hour of continuous steam. You can efficiently complete your grooming and remove wrinkles more quickly than with an iron.

Pursonic Fabric Steamer: With this clothing steamer, you can be confident that every fabric you own will look crisp in no time. This steamer is gentle on delicate fabrics and works well on heavier materials.

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