A drill is a pretty handy tool to have around as a homeowner, especially if you’re a DIYer. The best ones make some tough jobs easier to do. They can drill holes and drive screws into wood, metal, walls, and other surfaces.

However, with various drills saturating the market, how can you tell which ones can do the job? 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best drills currently available on the market. So, whether you want to build a tool shed, mount some shelves, or do some renovations, the drills on our list have got you covered.

Here are the top 10 best options for you if you’re looking for a power drill to carry out your home projects:

The Best Power Drills Reviewed

The DeWalt 20v Max Cordless Drill Combo is a good choice for you if your project involves drilling sizable holes. It has strong capabilities – and is the most powerful of them all. Its price is $199 on Amazon. 

For efficiency, power, and cost, the DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo is your best choice. This DeWalt drill has a high-performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power. Also, it is ideal for you if you are a beginner artisan or a homeowner doing projects yourself.

This drill is compact and has a lightweight design and impact driver combo kit, which fits into tight areas. It has a ½-inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck that provides a tight but gripping strength. Its design ensures you are comfortable using the drill and controlling it firmly.

All these features make it easy to see why the DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo is so popular.

This drill is an amazing choice for minor tasks around the house and larger home projects. The battery life has a long lifespan. As such, you can rely on it to last for a good part of your project without recharging. What’s more, it comes with two batteries, so you always have a backup battery to use. 

The DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Driver also comes with a variable speed trigger that allows for control and precision on delicate work surfaces. The motor is also brushless and allows for efficient performance. This is one drill that will deliver every time you pick it up.

Another cool feature of this drill is its 3 LEDs. They provide optimum illumination in dark spaces as you work. The handle is also ergonomically designed to increase comfort and balance and make the tool easier to control. And we can’t fail to mention the removable belt hook the drill comes with. 

With a price tag of $199 on Amazon, this DeWalt drill isn’t the most expensive, but it falls into the category of the pricey ones. Nonetheless, its excellent battery life and reliable performance are certainly worth every cent that you pay for it.

The Black+Decker has positive customer ratings on online shopping sites, and it’s easy to see why. With its lithium-ion technology and 20V power, this drill is lighter, more compact, and has a long battery lifespan. Additionally, the 11-position clutch provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, and plastic, as well as aids you in all screw-driving tasks. 

The Black+Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill/Driver also has an LED work light that illuminates work areas and surfaces. As such, you can keep working and ensure you finish your task even if it gets dark.

The Bosch PS31-2A is a drill designed for professionals. Although a lightweight drill – weighing just over two pounds – this tool has the power to handle 90% of both professional and domestic drilling tasks. This tool has high torque and is ideal for carrying to any work site. 

You’ll find that this lightweight feature comes in really handy if you do a lot of overhead drilling or driving.

Additionally, the PS31-2A drill has two speeds: 0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM, and it also has 20 plus 1 clutch settings. It allows users to make precise torque adjustments for accurate screw driving and drilling.

Moreover, while this drill is powerful enough to drive in 3 inches screws, it’s surprisingly quiet. This means you can work with it while enjoying your environment’s calmness or music in the background. 

The Bosch PS31-2A drill also has a durable battery and comes with two extra packs to ensure that you enjoy increased runtime. It also has integrated LED lights to improve visibility, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime, even in dark corners and low-light areas.

This battery-powered Ryobi drill has a ½-inch battery and is heavy-duty yet lightweight. Compared to the brushed model, it’s 30% more compact and 20% lighter. These features give you better access to tight workspaces and overhead applications. 

It is 6.4 inches long and has a brushless motor that delivers up to 380 in/lbs of torque for maximum power. This enables you to drill or drive through tough materials easily. Also, this Ryobi drill is on the same battery platform as other Ryobi products. 

This One+ 18V Compact Brushless Drill/Driver Kit includes a 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, charger, tool bag, and operator manuals. 

This is the second most powerful drill on our list. It’s also one of the most expensive. The M18 has an innovative motor design and superior ergonomics, which provides the most efficient blend of power, weight, and performance in the industry. 

For $218 on Amazon, this drill is one of the most expensive on the market, but for a good reason. It has the fastest application speed of its class and delivers 1,600 in/lbs of torque. Now, this is an amazing feat, considering its small 2 Ah batteries. However, if you do not have a firm grip, it may throw itself out of your wrist!

Going for $219 on Home Depot and $135 on Amazon, the DeWalt Atomic 20V cordless drill is a good option if you need an efficient and compact drill or driver. It has just the right power you need to get most drilling jobs done. 

This drill also has a variable speed trigger that allows for control and precision on delicate work surfaces. Its brushless motor provides efficient performance by delivering 340 unit watts out (UWO) and 1,700 in/lb. of max torque. 

Even better, this tool is easy to handle. The manufacturers ergonomically designed the handle with comfort, balance, and easier tool control in mind.

Additionally, it comes with 3 LEDs that provide optimum illumination in dark spaces as you work. You also get a removable belt hook and two 20V 2 Ah batteries with the drill. 

Makita is a drill brand that boasts of manufacturing some of the strongest drills. And this product, being the third most powerful drill on the market, is proof of that.

But what makes us love the Makita DF07R1 12V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Driver/Drill is how user-friendly it is.

The Makita uses 12V slide batteries that enable the tool to work for long hours. And it’s so light that it feels like an extension of your hand.

What’s more, you can use this drill at any time of the day thanks to its built-in LED light that illuminates your work area. It also has a convenient 3/8-inch keyless chuck for quick changes. 

Another major highlight of this tool is its beautiful compact design. With a rubber handle that assures you of a soft grip, this drill promises not to give you blisters even after prolonged activity.

The Makita DF07R1 12V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Driver/Drill has a brushless motor that eliminates carbon brushes and enables the drill to run cooler and more efficiently. 

However, a downside feature of this drill is that it’s not compatible with other 12V pod-style tools, batteries, and chargers. Nonetheless, it goes for a reasonable price of $149 on Amazon. 

The Avid Power 20V Max Lithium-Ion Drill is an efficient tool for any project that involves drilling and screwing. It is also a best-seller, going only for $43.99 on Amazon.

With a compact design, rubber-covered handle, and lightweight features, this drill ensures you don’t get too fatigued while working.

So, if you need a drill that works but you only have a small budget, this Avid Power product is your best choice. Its battery that can be plugged in via USB has charging and discharging protection, making recharging safe and helping it last longer.

Another great feature of this drill is its efficiency. It has a flexible shaft that you can use to get to places that are hard to reach using driver bits. It also has an LED light for illuminating dark working areas.

Craftsman is a good drill to consider if your major priority is long performance. This drill comes with a 20V lithium battery that lasts for ample time. 

It also has a 20V lithium charger, which charges the battery in 60 minutes or less. One major perk of this drill is it can hold a charge, and once charged, you can use it for weeks on end. 

However, this drill is a little on the heavy side. But what’s a little more weight if you get to work for long stretches without interruptions?

The Best Drill Brands You Can’t Go Wrong With

Drills are a vital tool in your toolkit if you’re building, fixing, or doing any work around your house. In recent times, cordless drills have replaced their corded counterparts, becoming more powerful yet lighter and energy efficient. 

If you’re looking for the best cordless drills, you can’t go wrong with Bosch, DeWalt, and Milwaukee. They’re the top brands in the drill world. They have different models perfect for your woodworking, metalworking, construction, machine tool fabrication, and utility projects. 

If you’re carrying out any DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs in your home, ensure you go for the ideal drill that fits your project needs and what you can afford

For us, the Milwaukee M18 18V Lithium–Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Drill/Driver is a smoking hot choice, and no other cordless drill can touch it. 

You can use this heavy-duty tool to drill through studs or joists. What’s more, it never bogs down because of its powerful brushless motors, which require less energy.

Its battery life is also super, which means you can drive hundreds of screws on a single battery charge. Now, whether you’re a professional or DIYer embarking on a serious home project, this is what you need.

Milwaukee is already a favorite brand among professional artisans because it makes powerful tools with professionals in mind. This Milwaukee M18 18V Lithium–Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Drill/Driver is no exception. 

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