Clean without tugging cords with a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Modern cordless vacuums are just as capable as their corded cousins. Only that they are lightweight, maneuverable, and easy on the back. With even longer runtimes, the best models won’t leave you stranded.

To help you find the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners, we have researched the most recommended options by homeowners. We’ve considered vacuums with useful features such as multiple cleaning heads, detangling tools, multiple attachment accessories, and reliable runtimes.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Reviewed

If you’re in the market for an incredible cordless vacuum with every feature you’ve ever wanted and more, you’ve got to like the Dyson v15. As Dyson’s latest offering, this vacuum is versatile and intelligent. It is designed for deep cleaning and especially picking up long hair, pet hair, and cleaning along crevices.

Dyson v15 does an amazing job cleaning bare floors, low pile, and high pile carpeting. It comes with not one but two cleaner heads. The Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head highlights debris and hidden dust on hard surfaces using a laser guide that shines at the right angle on the floor. You will find it exceptional when cleaning up pet hair since you won’t miss a strand.

The high torque cleaner head delivers excellent cleaning performance for carpets. Both heads move smoothly since you can turn 90 degrees, a feature that comes in handy when cleaning around corners. And did we mention that the heads do not snowplow on carpets when turning and won’t float on thick carpeting? It’s a brilliant vacuum that won’t give you trouble if your home is largely carpeting.

A quick click-in battery powers this model. It snaps in seconds, and if you have a spare Dyson battery, the Dyson v15 will accept it. You get three power modes, including ECO, BOOST, and AUTO. The ECO mode has the longest battery life at around 1½ hours, and the BOOST mode is the shortest coming in at under 20 minutes. Nevertheless, you’ll see the remaining battery life on the LCD control panel. 

The Dyson v15 comes with a reusable and washable HEPA filter. Its bagless design means you’ll never worry about the recurring costs of purchasing bags. In addition, it includes a hair screw, crevice tool, stubborn dirt tool, a mini soft dusting brush, and a wand clip. The hair screw and high-torque head have an anti-tangle comb to clear hair. 

If your Dyson v15 ever breaks down, Dyson will deliver a video on the control panel showing you how to fix it. And when it’s time to store your Dyson v15, the docking station provides a location for storing while juicing up your debris and dust picker.

However, the Dyson v15 is on the heavier side. While it offers deep cleaning results, it’s not the kindest design on the back. Still, its maneuverability, exceptional cleaning results, and ease of maintenance make it the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner for most people.

An intelligent vacuum is not an easy find. Still, the Tineco Pure One S11 cordless vacuum offers the best smart features. This vacuum can automatically detect debris concentration and increase suction powers in areas with high concentration. In addition, it can pair with the Tineco companion app, which allows you to see the battery life and usage habits.

You can increase the suction power on the app while the LED screen relays useful information, such as if the hose is clogged or the brushroll is stuck. Besides, it does a fantastic job cleaning hard floors and high pile carpeting. The multi-surface brush roll has impeccable dirt picking capabilities, and it will not struggle with large debris like cereal or rice. 

The Tineco Pure One S11 also has a soft brushroll that’s ideal for hard floors like tiles and hardwood. It can clear most large debris on MAX mode on high pile carpeting. Additionally, the multi-surface brush head maintains a tight seal against fluffy fibers for deep cleaning.

Tineco Pure One S11 also delivers impressive performance when dealing with pet hair. The soft brush roll can easily handle pet hair without losing suction power. Plus, you can use the mini turbo brush tool to pick hair on furniture. 

This model transforms into a handheld vacuum by removing the stick and base. It’s a nice feature for cleaning furniture and cars. Furthermore, it gives you an hour of decent suction power. This model also includes a contoured nozzle, dusting brush, crevice tool, small electric-powered brush, small brush for hair removal, an extra filter, and a filter cleaning tool.

The only recurring cost for this vacuum is replacing the pre-filter and filter after six months and one year, respectively. Overall, Tineco Pure One S11 delivers on its smart, intuitive features, impressive cleaning capabilities, and affordable price. It’s the ideal pick for homeowners looking for a midrange cordless vacuum with powerful features.

Shark Vertex Pro is not your ordinary cordless vacuum. It packs the power of a full-size vacuum while remaining relatively lightweight. You’ll have about 4 pounds on your hands, which means that although it’s lightweight, it’s not flimsy. This vacuum offers extended cleaning abilities on hard surfaces, low pile carpets, high pile carpets, pet hair, and under furniture. 

You’ll like this vacuum more on hard surfaces and high pile carpeting than low pile carpeting. This is because its DuoClean PowerFins lock better on high pile carpeting than on low pile carpeting. In addition, the self-cleaning brushroll provides excellent hair picking while resisting hair tangles. As such, it won’t lose power. Both rollers suck up all sorts of debris, from small sand-like materials to rice, cereal, and fine dust.

With the anti-allergen seal, the Shark Vertex Pro locks in dust and allergens. Hence, it ensures you don’t breathe whatever you’re vaccuming. Besides, it has two filters; one is a pre-filter, while the other is a HEPA filter. It can suck dust, dander, and other particles down to .3 microns. Again, the filters are washable and reusable, minimizing any recurrent costs.

This vacuum has a flexible wand that contorts while vacuuming under furniture and in tight spaces. In addition, it can fold in half to provide compact storage. You’ll like the IQ display that shows you the estimated battery life, surface-type setting, and current power setting.

The Shark Vertex Pro has ECO, Deep Clean, Carpet, and Boost power modes. The ECO mode runs for an hour, while the Boost mode gives you ten minutes of intense suction in carpets. The disadvantage is that it switches back to Deep Clean mode when you switch it off.

Use the Shark Vertex Pro cordless as a handheld vacuum by detaching the primary head and the MultiFLEX wand. It offers the convenience of cleaning furniture and upholstery. In addition, it comes with a crevice tool, pet multi-tool, and an anti-allergen brush. Combined with the powerful LEDs that light up to show you hidden debris, large dust capacity, and powerful suction, the Shark Vertex Pro gives you a streamlined, stress-free vacuuming experience.

The eufy by Anker HomeVac S11 Infinity is an entry-level cordless vacuum that comes at an affordable price. It performs exceptionally well on hard floors and low pile carpeting. You can also reconfigure it into a handheld vacuum for cleaning the stairs, cobwebs, your car, furniture, and upholstery.

This vacuum comes with two batteries that you can easily swap out. The battery life is not that great, but you can have double the run time with two batteries. It has three power modes: the standard provides 25 minutes, the low mode has 40 minutes, and the max power setting gives you eight minutes.

eufy by Anker HomeVac S11 Infinity makes light work of everyday cleaning and removing dust and debris on hard floors and low pile carpets. The main floorhead features a carbon fiber roller brush that can lift surface dust and debris. It does not struggle with household debris like oats, rice, sand, or food crumbs. With the help of the mini motorized tool, you’ll be able to vacuum mattresses, upholstery, stairs, and other awkward places.

You also get a crevice tool and a 2-in-1 brush to clean corners, baseboards, and cushions. The advanced motor comes in handy for deep cleaning hard floors. Not to mention, it’s lightweight, so you can as well lift the wand to reach windows. It utilizes a 5-tier filtration system to suck dander, dust, and allergens. The filters and brushes are washable, so there is no need to buy replacement parts.

The eufy by Anker HomeVac S11 Infinity is a straightforward unit. However the lack of an LCD means you have to listen to the sound change between modes. But if you want a capable cordless vacuum on a budget, this model will meet that exact need for small spaces.

Dyson makes some of the most capable vacuums on the market. For anyone looking for a powerful cordless vacuum to tackle long hair and pet hair, the Dyson V8 Animal+ is for you. This vacuum boasts powerful suction using a motorized motor head and brush bar to pick up hair, dander, dirt, and debris from deep within the carpet fibers for a deep clean.

It also includes a direct drive cleaner head designed for carpets. This head features stiff nylon bristles with 115AW suction power to deep clean area rugs and high pile carpets. Its cyclone mechanism generates powerful centrifugal forces to suck up dirt while releasing clean air. The vacuum ticks the right boxes in that it picks up dust, locks it inside the vacuum, releases clean air, and maintains high suction power.

We love that this model is convenient for daily use since its battery can last up to 40 minutes in standard mode. And if you want to quickly deep clean stubborn dirt, just switch to the max power mode for ten minutes of the highest suction. However, you have to keep holding the trigger switch, which is one of the disadvantages of owning a Dyson.

Nevertheless, the Dyson V8 Animal+ can get to the clingiest debris on pet beds, fluffy blankets, and anything that tends to collect dust. Even better, it can transform into a handheld, and it comes with a wall-mounted rack for storage.

Considerations When Choosing a Cordless Stick Vacuum

When you’re looking to purchase a cordless stick vacuum, it’s important to go over a few essential features. Ultimately, you want a model that aligns with your needs. Thus, keeping in mind a few things will help you make a wise choice.

Battery Life

Since cordless vacuums are battery-operated, it helps to pick a model with a considerable runtime, such as 30 minutes on the standard mode. Some models only run for less than 20 minutes for general cleaning, meaning they are only ideal for small spaces. 

If you want to clean multiple rooms without swapping out batteries, it’s best to pick a cordless vacuum with a runtime of at least an hour. A battery level indicator is a convenient feature as it gives you a countdown of the battery life, so you’re not caught off guard.

Floor Type

Cordless stick vacuums typically work best on hard floors. Nonetheless, some, like the Dyson v15, are good for all surfaces, including fluffy carpets and low pile carpets. Therefore, it’s good to pay attention to reviews as they tell you which vacuum is good for what floor type.


If you have a household with pets, a cordless stick vacuum with hair detangling features and sealed systems to prevent dander from escaping is best. In addition, some vacuums also have a slit where you can run scissors to cut hair.

Intelligent Features

Cordless stick vacuums are advanced with intelligent features. If you want a vacuum with the latest innovation, look for sensory technology where the vacuum can adjust power according to the level of debris it pulls. Other vacuums can connect to your home network and pair with apps for better tracking of the functions such as surface type, battery life, and when the filter is due for a cleaning.

The Dyson v15 pairs intelligent features with powerful suction to deliver impressive cleaning abilities on all floor types and on pet hair for deep, all-around cleaning.

Expect unbeatable cleaning results with the Dyson v15. Built with innovative features, it demonstrates that a cordless vacuum can be as powerful as its corded counterparts.

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