The average person needs to drink about three liters of water daily to be well-hydrated. And proper hydration is essential for overall well-being.

It helps improve digestion, reduce fatigue, deliver vital nutrients to the cells, lubricate joints, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, amongst other things.

However, although most of us recognize the importance of drinking water, life gets in the way, and we forget and neglect it. This typically leaves us feeling exhausted and dehydrated.

An easy solution is to have a water bottle on hand at all times, which naturally raises the question of which water bottle to get. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best water bottles to buy in 2023.

Best Water Bottles Reviewed

The Hydro flask is that water bottle that works. Whether going on a hike, road trip, to the office or just lounging on your comfy ol’ couch, this water bottle has your thirst needs covered.

Made from double-walled stainless steel, the Hydro flask is as durable as they come. It doesn’t dent easily like aluminum bottles nor deteriorate as quickly as plastic water bottles. It’s also not made from glass, so there’s no worry about the bottom of the bottle cracking.

The hydro flask comes with a standard plastic Flex Cap that requires you to unscrew when you need to drink. However, if that’s not your style, or you intend to go jogging or driving with the bottle, you can get the Hydro Flask’s Straw Cap or Sip Lid. With any of the two, you’ll be able to drink from the bottle using one hand. 

Additionally, you’ll love the Hydro Flask’s narrow, tapered edge if you like to drink straight from the bottle. The mouth opening is just exactly right – wide enough to fit ice in but not too wide to slosh water into your nose when drinking on the move. 

Another great feature of the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth water bottle is its powder-coated exterior. This quality enables the water bottle to resist condensation, allowing it remains dry to the touch at all times (even when your palms are sweaty).

This water bottle is also dishwasher safe which is a great feature since you don’t want to squeeze your hand through its narrow mouth to clean it.

Chances are, you’ve heard of Yeti if you’re a lover of the outdoors. They’re renowned for making some of the best coolers and insulated appliances you can take for the time in the woods. 

Their Rambler 26 oz. bottle is no exception. Great for everyday use, this water bottle doesn’t sweat, is comfortable to hold, and is easy to drink from, thanks to the Chung cap. To open, you half-twist the TripleHaul handle, and you’re good to go, making it easy to steal a sip without slowing down.

Until the very last gulp, this double-wall vacuum-insulated water bottle will keep your cold water cold or your hot beverage hot. 

Another beautiful thing about this water bottle is how solid it is due to its stainless steel construction. The Yeti Rambler is shatter-resistant and can withstand even the harshest conditions. Moreover, it also has a DuraCoat color finish that lasts, so you won’t have to worry about it fading, peeling, or cracking.

Another big perk is that it is dishwasher-safe, which is uncommon for insulated water bottles. And with the bottle’s wide mouth, you can easily hand wash it or even toss your ice cubes into it without having to crush them up first.

The Thermoflask water bottle is famous, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is this bottle affordable, but you’ll also be getting good value for your money. 

This BPA-Free stainless steel water bottle is rust-free, does not sweat, and does not transfer flavors. Even better, it features double-wall vacuum insulation, which shields the content from the effects of outside temperatures. This means that your beverage’s temperature will remain the way you like it throughout the day. 

Thermoflask double stainless steel insulated water bottle also comes with two lids, including an innovative leak-proof Chug lid and a recently improved straw lid for better flow. With both lids, you can easily sip your water with one hand or even hands-free.

So with this water bottle, you can drink your water or beverage anyhow you want with ease. Straw or Chug? Your choice. You get both! 

With this beautiful water bottle, expect premium hydration as it can fit in your hand, cup holder, and backpack pocket when adventure calls due to its convenient size. 

So, whether you’re looking for a reusable water bottle for camping or hiking, an insulated commuter cup, or want to hydrate sustainably, Thermoflask double stainless steel insulated water bottle is a good option for you!

With over 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, Nalgene Tritan’s wide-mouth BPA-free water bottle is another popular pick for consumers. 

This 32-ounce wide-mouth bottle is easy to drink out of and tote along anywhere you go making it another excellent option for your everyday adventures. You can take your Nalgene water bottle to the office, gym, camping, and other places.

It’s lightweight and has a plastic loop that you can easily attach to your bag. Moreover, it comes with a tight-sealing screw top that lets you put it in your bag without fear of leakage.

The measurement markings on the side of the water bottle are another great feature, enabling you to track how much you drink throughout the day.

This dishwasher-safe water bottle is also suitable for warm and cold beverages (-40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit). And thanks to the wide mouth, you can easily hand-wash it and put it in your ice cubes.

You can tell that many people love this 20-ounce stainless steel water bottle by looking at the 23,000+ five-star ratings on Amazon. And we’re here to show you why.

The Zojirushi bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for hours thanks to its vacuum insulation that provides superior heat retention.

This water bottle also has a drinking spout covered by a lid, protecting the drinking spout from germs. This Lid also screws on and locks; you can throw it in a bag without worrying about accidental leaks. And when it’s time to sip your water or beverage, the pop-top opens with the click of a button.

Another beautiful feature of this water bottle is its non-stick coated interior which makes cleaning easy. The Lid completely disassembles, making it easy to clean this water bottle thoroughly. And with its 1-5/8 inch wide opening, you can quickly fill in your beverages.

You’d love the Brita water bottle if you’re particular about drinking filtered water. Designed to filter tap water on the go, enhancing its taste and quality, this bottle enables you to enjoy clean and healthy water easily.

The Brita stainless steel water bottle is designed with a filter that fits in the straw, making the water inside taste great. Additionally, it has a built-in carrying loop for easy grab-and-go portability. And let’s remember the enclosed, easy-sip straw and Lid with a one-handed push button. 

With these features, you will need to continue to take a drink, and you can remain hydrated while on the move. 

This water bottle also fits well in a car cup holder and has a leak-proof design to help prevent accidental drips and spills. You can stay hydrated without hassle anywhere with this water bottle, whether at home, the office, sporting events, or traveling.

Also, this durable, double-wall insulated water bottle can stay cold for up to 24 hours. So it got you covered under scorching weather!

The CamelBak Eddy+ water bottle is another good option for ditching disposable water bottles and switching to a more sustainable everyday hydration solution.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel with double-wall insulation, this water bottle is designed to keep water or beverages hot or cold, as the case may be, for hours. 

It also features a bite valve straw, which makes it easy for you to sip from on the go while preventing spills and splashes.

And with its convenient two-finger loop handle, this 25-ounce dishwasher-safe water bottle is the ideal size you can carry around all day, and it can even fit in your car and bicycle cup holders.

Takeya Actives stainless steel water bottle features unique double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep your favorite drink ice cold for up to 24 hours or steaming hot for up to 12 hours. 

Ideal for anywhere, on-the-go hydration, the 24oz size will keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout any workout or adventure.

This stainless steel water bottle also comes with an innovative leak-proof insulated spout lid and a hinge lock that keeps the cap out of your way when sipping your drink. 

It also features a convenient wide loop handle you can clip to your bag or carry all day comfortably.

Crafted from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, the BPA-free, insulated bottle has a sweat-free double-wall design and a wide mouth to quickly put in ice cubes, lemon wedges, or electrolytes powder. The wide opening also makes it easy to fill in your beverage or water and clean the water bottle. This water bottle is also dishwasher safe.

The Takeya Actives bottle also comes with a removable silicone rubber base that prevents it from sliding or making noise on hard surfaces. This base also protects the water bottle from dents and bumps, ensuring that your bottle serves you for years to come.

This double-wall insulated water bottle can keep your water or beverages iced for up to 50 hours or hot for up to 20 hours. This Klean water bottle also has a large 1.75-inch (44 mm) opening. And with this opening, you can easily toss in your ice cubes, fill in and pour out your beverages.

This wide opening also allows for easy cleaning. Another good feature of this water bottle is it is also dishwasher-safe. This water bottle also comes with a leak-proof Loop Cap. So you can toss it into your bag and not worry about accidental spills. This insulated water bottle also has a covered straw, protecting you from germs.

With the rotating meter integrated into the Lid, this 24-ounce hydration water bottle will make it easier for you to stay hydrated and healthy. This rotating meter will make it easier to track the water you consume throughout the day.

Made from durable and BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester, the Thermos Intak hydration bottle is also dishwasher-safe. Additionally, it has an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and use and a flip-up loop for easy carrying.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Water Bottle to Buy

With so many options of water bottles to choose from, we’ve put together some factors that can help you narrow your search.

Here are some things to consider before making a choice:

Durability: Do you break objects easily? If so, you should avoid single-walled plastic, metal, and fragile glass bottles. And if you want a long-lasting bottle, go for reusable ones.

Temperature Control: Do you want a water bottle that will retain the temperature of your beverage? If yes, you want a stainless steel insulated water bottle.

Look and Feel: Do you want a bottle that smells good and has an attractive design? If yes, then avoid plastic bottles because they lack aesthetic appeal.

Ease of use: Check the handle, mouth, and lid sections because these details can influence the ease of use of a water bottle. Also, check if it is dishwasher-safe.

Our top pick is the Hydro flask standard mouth bottle. Not only is it versatile, but it’s also reliable.

It features TempShield insulation which keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. And because it’s made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, the Hydro Flask guarantees durability, pure taste, and no flavor transfer. 

This cup holder-compatible water bottle also resists condensation, so all the sides of your bottle stay dry.

Additionally, it comes with a flex Cap which is leak-proof when closed. This enables you to can travel without concern for spills. It is also BPA-free and toxin-free. As such, you can fill in your beverages in this water bottle without fear of any health complications. 

Another beautiful feature of this water bottle is its Flex Strap. This feature makes it easy to transport and comfortable to carry. And since it is dishwasher safe, you do not need to worry about buying a bottle brush.

Special Mention

We’ve provided the top ten water bottles available in the market. Still, there are better water bottles out there. Here are some others worth mentioning:

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle: This features triple-layered insulation and vacuum-insulated construction designed to keep water cold for up to 48 hours or hot for up to 24 hours. However, you will need to buy a good bottle brush for this water bottle as it is not dishwasher-safe.

Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series Water Bottle: This water bottle is designed to keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. It is 25% lighter than other Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth bottles. Thus, it will keep you well hydrated without the extra weight.

Platypus Platy 2-Liter Flexible Water Bottle: This water bottle is necessary for outdoor activities and everyday life. When empty, this bottle collapses and rolls up small enough to fit inside your pocket.

Brita Fill&Go Active Water Filter Bottle: This is a cost-effective substitute for purchasing bottled water because it filters tap water as you drink it, removing chlorine and microparticles while keeping vital minerals. But you will need to replace this filter every two months.

CamelBak Podium Chill 21 oz Insulated Water Bottle: This water bottle comes with a double-walled design that keeps water warm for hours in cold weather and cool in warm weather. It comes with a self-sealing Jet Valve cap that produces a high water flow, making it easier to drink without spills and splatters.

LARQ Bottle PureVis: This uses innovative non-toxic, mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the bottle’s inner surface by neutralizing bacteria like E-coli. Although it is more expensive than standard reusable water bottles, it is a wise investment if you value access to clean water.

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle: This insulated sport water bottle helps keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. It also comes with three different lids that are 100% leak-proof for you to drink up spill-free. 

W&P Porter Glass Wide Mouth Bottle: This reusable bottle is a sustainable swap for disposable plastic bottles and metal canteens. Made from premium Borosilicate glass, it can withstand years of daily use.

Welly Bamboo Traveler 18oz: This water bottle will appeal to you if you dislike drinking plain tap water because it has a removable infuser that adds natural flavor to your water.

Purist Mover 18oz: Designed in that each drink you take will be pure and free from any leftover coffee flavor or metallic taste, this water bottle has an unbreakable interior glass finish.

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