Travel season means taking out your best bag to offset the burden of travel. While travel has become harder these days, companies are going above and beyond to make luggage that will iron out the hiccups of travel. We’ve researched the best luggage brands that deliver on their promises.

Find products that suit your travel style, from stylish suitcases to unique carry-ons. Keep reading to find out where to get a top-performing case.

Best Luggage Brands on the Market

Best Luggage Brands to Choose From

1. Away Travel

Away travel is an internet phenomenon for millennials and is a great option for business and leisure travel. Known for its sleek, hard-side carry-on luggage, Away is our top go-to brand for carry-on luggage and travel accessories. This company has a variety of offers, including checked suitcases, backpacks, packing cubes, and duffels.

You’ll find carry-on roller luggage in four sizes and various materials, including polycarbonate and aluminum. The carry-on is ideal for international travel, while the bigger carry-on fits the standard size for overhead bin storage on domestic flights.

The small carry-on-flex is an all-around carry-on compared to the B&R Simpatico. You’ll have zero trouble taking it onboard on any airline. All Away Travel luggage has smooth spinner wheels, a battery-charging feature, and a laundry bag. Besides, you’ll get to choose from various colors, so you’ll find it easily in a sea of neutral shades. The Top rate locking mechanisms are TSA-approved, and they all handle like a dream.

Away offers 100 days trial period where you can return your luggage for any reason for a full refund. This brand has a lifetime warranty if you decide to keep your luggage. Away will replace the battery compartment and center divider if they get beat up over the years. Plus, the brand will replace their luggage if you encounter major issues like cracked wheels.

Away luggage gets the job done and makes traveling much more pleasant. You’ll agree that any pick is worth the investment.

Top Picks from Away Travel

2. Travelpro

Travelpro is another leading luggage manufacturer. This brand makes both carry-on, spinners, and checked suitcases. Thus, it can meet specific needs whether you want to take a short trip or an extended vacation.

Travelpro includes carry-on, carry-on rolling totes, checked luggage, and duffels. The hard-shell luggage is made of polycarbonate. This material is lightweight and extremely strong. Moreover, the bags can flex on impact to prevent splitting or cracking.

As for the soft-side luggage, Travelpro uses high-density fabric that resists moisture and staining. You can squeeze them into tight spaces and also get to choose between rollaboard and spinners. You can roll luggage next to you, case in point spinners, or behind you with a rollaboard as per your liking.

All Travelpro suitcases are middle-class as they all cost under $300. The bags are not only durable, but you also get a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers defects of the handles, wheels, and zippers. The more expensive models come with TSA locks, USB charging ports, suiter compartments, and other useful features.

Best Travelpro Luggage

3. Samsonite

Samsonite has been making affordable and reliable luggage for 100 years. The brand offers suitcases that are generally lightweight and compact but with generous interiors and built-in expanders. Most options come with laundry bags to separate clean and dirty clothes. In addition, you will find easy-access pockets, shoe separators, compression straps, and zippered compartments.

Samsonite boasts an extensive catalog ranging from hard-side and soft-side carry-ons, checked luggage, spinners, underseat luggage, backpacks, wheeled duffels, and garment bags.

The soft-side suitcases are made of recycled plastic, while the hard-side models are of high-strength thermoplastic. Thanks to the brushed exterior texture, these bags can resist damage from constant use. If you’re a frequent traveler, there is no need to worry about scratches and scuffs. The handles are notably durable since they are lockable aluminum handles.

Samsonite luggage maneuvers easily over smooth, gravel, and carpeted floors. They also integrate TSA-approved locks. You have 30 days to return a bag, and warranties vary between 3 years, 10 years, and a lifetime for some options. Samsonite suits the traveler who wants practical luggage that is stylish and affordable while incorporating the latest travel design technology.

Best Samsonite Luggage

4. Tumi

Tumi is the holy grail of suitcases. The brand is classified as having high-end options from hard-shell and soft-side suitcases to duffels, backpacks, and shoulder bags. Tumi suitcases feature smart security features and impressive organization. The bags have ample pockets, laptop sleeves, removable garment bags, lockable zippers, and USB charging ports.

Most Tumi hard case suitcases have a TSA lock. You can set up a personal combination lock for the hard-shell suitcases, while the soft-shell bags use separate locks that secure the two zippers together. The bags also have a Tumi tracer, a recovery plan that works better than the typical luggage tag to help you find lost luggage.

Tumi suitcases are made of aluminum, Tegris, and ballistic nylon. These are some of the best luggage materials since they can withstand abuse from constant use. The wheels, handles, and zippers are all durable. Broken parts are a rare occurrence with Tumi.

Tumi has one of the best 5-year warranties. The first year is worry-free; Tumi will either replace or repair the luggage for free. Tumi will repair any damage due to manufacturer’s defects or normal wear and tear in years two to five.

The Tumi logo comes at a high price but it offers great value.

Best Tumi Luggage

5. Paravel

Paravel makes high-quality bags for the toughest trips. It does so while keeping to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. Eco-friendly production is the defining feature of the brand as it works with upcycled, sustainable, and biofabric materials. The brand has a wide collection of luggage, duffel bags, and accessories for any travel.

Paravel luggage options are lightweight, so adding clothes, shoes, and other extras do not make the bags unwieldy. The most popular choice is the Aviator suitcase, a carbon-neutral suitcase that offsets emissions throughout manufacturing and shipping.

Some of the standout features of Paravel suitcases include the durable, recycled polycarbonate material, recycled zippers, recycled vegan leather trim, lining from recycled plastic, and telescopic handles made from recycled aircraft-grade aluminum. You’ll get a removable compression board, 360-degree frictionless wheels, and built-in TSA-approved locks.

All Paravel suitcases meet flight regulations. The Aviator Carry-On fits in all overhead cabins of airplanes from airlines all over the world. On the other hand, the Aviator Carry-On Plus is roomier but fits nicely in domestic airlines’ overhead cabins. Lastly, the Aviator Grand is the roomiest and is perfect as checked luggage. All suitcases come in a variety of color combos to suit your style.

Paravel bags have a 5-year limited warranty against breaks and cracks in the shell, handles, and zippers. In addition, Paravel will replace broken zippers, corner protectors, a malfunctioning TSA lock, and the TPU leather strip. Paravel is worth it for roomy, sleek, and well-designed luggage.

Best Paravel Luggage

6. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics offers luggage on the affordable end of the luggage spectrum. It has four varieties: two hard-shell options, soft-side suitcases, and underseat carry-on bags. The hard-shell suitcases are made of extra-thick ABS, and you can choose from the shiny finish or the textured finish.

Amazon Basics hard-shell suitcases are expandable by 15%, while soft-shell suitcases are expandable by 15%. They all have 360-degree spinner wheels, so you can move with luggage alongside or behind you. In addition, you will find a telescopic handle that’s not lockable.

You get two packing compartments on the hard-shell bags, while the soft-side bags have one packing compartment. None of the standard bags feature TSA locks. Thus, it’s a big drawback for checked luggage. But if you rarely travel by plane, this should not be a problem. The TSA lock is available only for premium luggage.

Amazon Basics has straightforward luggage to suit anyone who wants luggage on a budget. The bags are dependable, and the quality is well within the price.

Best Amazon Basics Luggage

7. Briggs & Riley

A Briggs & Riley travel piece is stylish, well-made, and innovative. For those in the market for unique travel luggage at a high-end cost, you will appreciate Briggs & Riley.

First, their suitcases are made to last, and you can expect a bag to last 10 – 20 years. The hard-side options are made from multiple layers of pure polycarbonate, while the soft-sided models feature high-quality ballistic nylon construction. The suitcases glide effortlessly over hard floors, carpets, tight corners, and bumps.

Briggs & Riley uses compression-expansion technology to pack lots of stuff without exceeding the size restrictions. If you tend to overpack, you’ll like using the expandable spinners as you can expand the bag’s capacity by 25% – 34%. They also feature 360-degree wheels or rollaboards to meet your needs.

Briggs & Riley offers an unconditional lifetime warranty. The brand will cover any physical defects, regardless of the cause, for a lifetime. The company has various repair options, including self-repair kits, authorized repair centers, or shipping the bag back to Briggs & Riley. Ultimately, it is perhaps the best value brand on the market.

Best Briggs & Riley Luggage

8. Delsey Paris

Delsey Paris is a line of good-looking and luxurious travel gear. It features sleek hard shells that reflect a chic, French sensibility. You can find everything from carry-ons and checked luggage of different sizes, formats, and colors. This brand incorporates thoughtful features like TSA locks, heavy-duty zippers, and fully enclosed pullers and sliders.

You get unique designs in the way of sleek aesthetics and vintage-looking models. The hard shells are made of long-lasting polycarbonate and have protective corners that reduce wear and tear. The shells are also grooved to allow for reinforcement and additional strength.

Delsey Paris is a recipient of more than 70 awards for innovation. Its dual-density wheels are the most recent innovation to provide a smooth and silent ride. The brand’s SECURITECH zips are three times more resistant to intrusions. Moreover, you can opt for luggage from the sustainable line, which is made of 100% recycled plastic. The warranties range from two, five, ten years or life, depending on what you like.

Best Delsey Paris Luggage

9. Bric’s Milano

The elegant style of Bric’s Milano luggage attracts high-end clientele. Most people you’ll see with a Bric’s are celebrities, and it’s easy to see why. This brand insists on using unique, top-line materials such as Tuscan bovine leather. It also uses traditional design techniques such as drum dying and vegetable tanning to fit in with its Italian heritage.

Bric’s Milano suitcases are made of Tuscan leather, flexible polycarbonate, and tough fabric to withstand the rigors of air and road travel. Additionally, all suitcases are spacious but surprisingly lightweight. The bags use spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks, sturdy zippers, and interior liners that match the exterior.

All Bric’s Milano suitcases come with functional 3-stage ergonomic telescopic handles. You select the height using a press-stud button. You will find various sizes in four to seven color choices. The spinners and rolling duffels have a 5-year warranty. Nonetheless, the company does not cover airline damage, exposure to heat, or damage during transportation.

Bric’s Milano luggage is priced higher than other brands because of its name and style. It caters to travelers with distinct tastes and allows you to splash with leather on the hard shell or a crocodile embossed spinner you can brag about.

Best Bric Milano Luggage

10. Heys

If you’ve always found it difficult to spot your luggage in the sea of solid, dark colors, you may want to invest in Heys. This brand focuses on nice-looking but functional suitcases that are durable and light. The luggage is perfect for touring singers, dancers, and musicians. Still, there’s something for the busy business traveler with some solid color pieces.

Heys uses innovative features to stand out from the rest. It has luggage in every size, including fun kids’ sizes. Heidi Klum’s kids use Heys, and Chris Evans has been spotted using Heys suitcases during his travels.

Heys has carry-ons, checked luggage, fashion spinners, kids’ totes, and underseat luggage. All bags except the underseat are hard shell models made of lightweight polycarbonate composite. They come in unique metallic colors such as purple, silver, and green. The fashion and kids’ bags are available in 13 different prints.

You’ll find useful features like zippered dividers, flush-mounted TSA locks, expandable capacity, and aluminum push-button telescoping handles. The 360-degree spinners make it easy to manage the weight on tired hands. The travel tots weigh only 3.5 pounds, that’s why Heys receives praise for lightweight but quality travel luggage.

Heys now has Heys SmartLuggage app-connected luggage that allows you to remotely control some of its functions. You can lock and unlock the TSA lock remotely, and it has a proximity alarm to alert you when your luggage is too far. In addition, it has a smart handle with an integrated scale, so you’ll never exceed the weight limit.

Heys is all about meeting specific traveler needs especially keeping the weight to a minimum. It’s a must-have for the minimalist traveler.

Best Heys Luggage

11. American Tourister

American Tourister is a crowd favorite for the infrequent traveler. This is because their suitcases are on the budget end, so they may not withstand the tossing around in baggage carousels. Nevertheless, they stand up to quality and provide a wide variety of options. You will find luggage for adults and kids, carry-ons, hard-side, soft-side, backpacks, and duffels.

American Tourister bags are water resistant since they are coated with a water-repellent. The carry-on hard-side is light and durable, with ample interior space. Moreover, it has a garment restraint and zipped pocket that will improve the way you pack. The soft-side option comes in a sturdy clamshell that is not easily squashed. It also comes with a watertight lining to prevent moisture damage.

Choose from a whopping 14 colors, some of which have cute artwork. They also have a telescoping handle and a side handle for convenient carriage. American Tourister also has some Disney-inspired options for kids. These bags come in five patterns and colors to please kids and teens. The brand also has transition pieces that young adults will love.

Unfortunately, American Tourister does not have many extras. You won’t find expansion zippers, suiters, smart packing, TSA locks, and USB charging ports. But it aligns with the price tag, thus, we recommend it if you travel five to seven times a year.

Best American Tourister Luggage

12. Calpak

Calpak is a family-run Los Angeles brand that offers fashionable but practical luggage. The bags come in trendy colors and unique designs. Most Calpak bags have marbled patterns, while others have sleek mono-color surfaces for the business traveler.

The hard side suitcases have a mixture of materials, including polycarbonate and ABS. These materials are well-known for withstanding shocks and rough handling. What’s more, these materials are lightweight and good-looking. The soft-side bags have a polyester construction. It’s not the most durable material; thus, it needs careful handling.

One of the main advantages of purchasing a Calpak is the reasonable price since carry-ons are around $100 while 3-set pieces come in under $500. Nearly all Calpak suitcases have double-spinner wheels. They spin smoothly and silently over 360 degrees. While the most affordable ones lack a TSA-approved lock, some models have TSA combination locks.

Calpak suitcases have numerous interior pockets, cross straps, and zipped dividers. They bring practical use when it comes to packing. Furthermore, you can expand the bags by two inches, and the telescoping handle is cushioned. If you’re keen on having Instagram-worthy luggage, you can bet on Calpak luggage to give you swoon-over bags for your travels.

Best Calpak Luggage

13. Victorinox

Victorinox is a Swiss brand best known for producing Swiss Army knives. Its superior luggage collection is better known for its high-quality construction. Victorinox is big on maximizing interior space as it thoughtfully designs its suitcases with unique built-in features.

Victorinox luggage combines security, elegance, and functionality. It has small and large-capacity bags in different styles and sizes. They include carry-ons, checked luggage, medium suitcases, and wheeled underseat bags for laptops and accessories. Beyond rollers, the company also offers backpacks, totes, duffels, briefcases, garment bags, and dop kits.

Many Victorinox bags feature TSA locks and internal and external zippered pockets where you can place nifty items. The external pockets are handy for grabbing things like a laptop or a travel pass. Also, you will find at least one Swiss-engineered handle for lifting, and some models have an additional side handle. All rolling suitcases have a telescoping handle with multiple stops.

Victorinox bags are on the pricey end, with many big suitcases costing $500+. This is because of the high-quality offering that’s unmatched by many brands. The hard-shell suitcases feature durable, high-performance polycarbonate construction. On the other hand, you have soft side models with an extra-strong abrasion-resistant nylon frame.

All travel gear by Victorinox has a tracking number. All you need is to register your luggage fast and easily. Moreover, the rollers come with spinners for smooth upright maneuvers. You will travel in style when you choose Victorinox luggage.

Best Victorinox Luggage

14. L.L. Bean

If you’re taking a long trip and want something that can overpack without worrying about jammed zippers, an L.L.Bean is the way to go. L.L.Bean has a variety of luggage travel options, the most popular being the rolled duffels. It also includes hard-side and soft-side spinners in various sizes.

It’s easy to stay organized with the packing cubes as the bags allow you to keep everything in one place. The outside pouches are ideal for shoes, while the WetPak and zippered mesh pocket add to the built-in organization. Hard-side spinners have construction from heat-molded polycarbonate that’s long-lasting and lightweight.

With easy-to-maneuver spinner wheels, L.L.Bean bags carry smoothly over rough and smooth surfaces. You get high-quality soft side suitcases made of abrasion-resistant polyester. Some models are made of extra-tough 420-denier nylon and 600-denier Kodra nylon. These materials are great outdoor performers, so you will like them better if you take your luggage on buses and over rough terrain.

L.L.Bean offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its bags. It’s good to know that you can return the bag if you don’t like it, and the company will repair any damages for any reason during the first year. This brand caters to the summer camper or college student who likes to bring everything with them.

Best L.L.Bean Luggage

How to Choose Travel Luggage

Suitcases are not created equal. It pays to look into the details to make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable.

Here’s what to consider when choosing travel suitcases.


Limit your luggage size to what you can lift and maneuver. Also, check the luggage allowance for the airline you’ll be traveling with, so you don’t get caught unprepared. If you want luggage that can suit domestic airlines’ overhead compartments, it has to be 22 x 14 x 9 inches (LxWxH) or less. However, international airlines have smaller overhead compartments, so you’ll need to choose a smaller carry-on. Generally, you don’t want to go over 45 inches (L+W+H) for carry-on and 67 inches for checked luggage.


You can choose between two wheels (rollaboards) or four wheels (spinners). Rollaboards tend to be lighter as you pull them behind you. However, they may tip over. Spinners, however, can accommodate lots of weight, and you wheel them beside you. Nonetheless, you need a lock for them to stay put.

Telescoping Handles

Since you need to pull your suitcase, it’s ideal to have a handle that matches your height. Telescoping handles provide different height adjustments for comfortable maneuverability. Hence, you won’t be pulling the bag too far behind, disrupting other travelers.

Hard Side Vs. Soft Side Luggage

Hard-side options have tough shells that can withstand the rigors of modern travel. However, they lack external pockets and can’t squeeze in tight compartments. Aluminum hard-side luggage is usually the heaviest, while polycarbonate options are lightweight.

Soft-side bags allow you to stuff extras while being lightweight and manageable. However, they don’t provide the best protection against rips.

Zippers and Locks

Luggage comes in either coil or chain zippers. We consider YKK zippers the most reliable since they are difficult to break into. Chain zippers are metallic and have two sets of interlocking teeth. They are better than coil zippers with slides on two parallel polyester coils.

TSA locks are desirable because they give you peace of mind. Still, you will find internal locking systems on different models.

Away luggage offers functionality, minimalism, and durable performance.

This brand is a traveler’s favorite for trendy and spacious suitcases. It has something for everyone to bring ease to your journeys.

Away is revolutionizing your travel experience. It brings distinct features that are hard to beat. Whether you want an impressive carry-on for domestic travel or an all-around option for short and long trips, Away luggage gives you reliable bags to explore your world.

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